Chump protest sign, UK edition
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I work in healthcare and I have a small baby. We'll be marching against Trump tomorrow in London. Can you help me with some suggestions for a sign (or two)? I'd like to especially address the wretched anti-choice, anti-child, and anti-immigrant policies currently being enacted by the US government, but open to other suggestions as well! Thanks in advance!
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We happened to be in Helsinki for the protests just before the Trump – Putin summit. My son went with "Trump hates tacos!"

Obviously silly, but also engaged quite a people into discussions about immigration, etc. whether people got the reference or not.
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Trump Wears Lifts in His Shoes!
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"Families belong together"
"Respect Existence or Expect Resistance"
"Progress not regress"
"My body, my choice"
"Women's rights are human rights"

Honestly, there are so many different things that you can kind of choose any issue and go with it. Extra props if you can come up with something clever to hang off of the stroller or baby carrier. I think last time Trump went to the UK there were a lot of signs about how in Britain, trump means a fart.
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FYI: Recent anti-choice laws are at the state level, not the federal, i.e. US government, level.
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"Don't MAKE us take our colonies back!" Or something similar that riffs on the origins of the 13 states that were formerly British colonies.
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This has always been my favorite. The age of the protester and way she's dressed really make it, but you may be able to achieve the same effect by dressing in Victorian or 1This 950/60's style.
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