Don't lock phone while active
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Are there any iPhone apps that prevent the phone from locking while they're open, such as Google Maps when you're in driving mode? I don't mean purpose-built "keep awake" apps (although that would be ideal I don't think there any anymore?) I mean apps that do this by default once they're opened. I know there is a way to do it in Swift. Is anyone using it?

When I google this all I can find is instructions for changing your phone settings, which isn't what I'm looking for, or Android apps, or an app for iPhone that existed years ago and is gone now.
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The Audible app has a car/driving mode that keeps the screen on all the time (and with simplified and over-sized controls).
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I’d imagine quite a few game apps do this. I’ll have to check some of mine when I’m not about to fall asleep; I’m pretty sure several of my games keep the screen from locking even if I’m not actively doing anything. Of course, they use a lot of battery, and they only keep it from locking while in the game... I’m not clear from your question what you’re trying to do. Do you want an app that will keep the phone from locking while it’s running in the background? On just anything that keeps the phone screen actively on?
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Response by poster: Do you want an app that will keep the phone from locking while it’s running in the background?
Yes, this.
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the 'trick' that works for me with apple maps.....i set a route and let it do its stuff-- if i go to another app- then the maps app will lock after time.

my podcast player rssradio stays on all the time as does spotify
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Pandora keeps my iPad up and running.
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From the website:Paprika keeps your screen on when you open a recipe, so you don't have to worry about the screen turning off while you're cooking.
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Apple Books does this when I’m reading. (I’m willing to wager that the Kindle app does the same thing)
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When I listen to Audible, the screen does not lock up for the length of time that I am listening to the story in my car (or wherever). I have my iPhone set to shut off in 2 minutes, whereas when my phone is plugged in and playing the audiobook, it remains open.
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I can confirm that Paprika recipe manager does this.
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The Downcast podcast app has a settable option to keep from locking the screen (you can set it to not lock ever, or to not lock if the phone is plugged in) while it's playing and in the foreground.

The Pomodoro-type timer Be Focused Pro doesn't lock the screen if the phone is plugged in. I haven't tested it when it's unplugged.
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