Baby foot peel with blisters?
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Can I do a baby foot peel if I have an unpopped blister? This article says not to if you have open cuts, but I'm not sure if that applies to unpopped blisters as well. Does anybody know or have first-hand experience? This is the foot peel in question.
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As a former baby foot peel enthusiast I say wait until the blister has healed. Right now the blister is the most effective band-aid and is protecting the skin. You really don’t want to expose the tender skin underneath before it’s ready. Give it a few weeks and then you can slough with abandon.
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How new are the blisters? A new, liquid filled blister is different from one that is a couple of days old, the liquid has started to reabsorb etc. With a new blister you are literally creating an open wound by opening it. A blister that has started to heal already, you’ll only speed up shedding the skin that would come off in a few days anyway. The downside of course being that the new skin underneath is still extremely delicate. Note that these foot peels don’t generally result in a lot of skin coming off immediately upon application. It takes a few days.

Another consideration would be how big the blisters are and where exactly they are located. A small area of very delicate new skin on the side of your foot or on top a toe may be more manageable than a large one you have to stand on for example.

So based on those factors you may be ok to use it or not. If in doubt wait a couple of days.
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I've done this peel and others several times, and while it doesn't hurt on unbroken skin, exactly, it can tingle a little. Once, I did it with a sore toe (hangnail), and it stung like hell. I can't imagine if it got into your blister how much it'd hurt.

I'd give it till the blister resolved -- either on its own, or by you popping it and healing it.
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