Songs that capture the feelings of motherhood
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A friend has a baby undergoing a long-term NICU stay. I want to make her a sweet, loving playlist about motherhood. What songs do you know?

Brandi Carlisle's "The Mother" was the inspiration for this playlist. I'm not looking for songs from a child to a mother; I'm seeking songs that capture the feelings of being a mother. Style of music doesn't super matter. I'd prefer to avoid songs that deliberately evoke feelings of grief, anger, or stress.

Goals include: calm and comfort a friend whose newborn's health is precarious and who is spending a lot of time in the hospital while validating her state of new parenthood.
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“Baby Mine,” Alison Krauss
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Stevie Wonder, "Isn't she lovely?"
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“Sea of Love”, the Cat Power cover version
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This is parenthood rather than motherhood, but David Bowie’s “Kooks” is great for a new baby.
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I love Welcome by Hey Rosetta- not motherhood specifically, but parenthood. Also Lullaby, by the Dixie Chicks.
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My father used to sing this to me. I love it so much!
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Beautiful Boy by John Lennon. Technically, it’s about fatherhood, but still lovely.
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I sang this to my preemie, who was in the NICU for a while:

"Well, it's all right to be little bitty..."

It's cheerful and upbeat and sung by a man though, so may not be exactly what you're going for here.

In case it helps, let your friend know that this internet stranger's itty bitty preemie graduated college last year, and has no remaining health issues.
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Tom Petty, "Alright For Now"
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"When You Dream" by the Barenaked Ladies.

At times when I had to be strong for my kids, the songs "King and Lionheart" by Of Monsters and Men and "As Long As You Follow" by Fleetwood Mac were comforting.
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Regina Spektor and Ben Folds have a beautiful cover of Dear Theodosia on the Hamilton Mixtape.
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Stevie Wonder, "You are the Sunshine of my Life"
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I’m a Believer by the Monkees
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Lullaby by the Dixie Chicks ("How long do you want to be loved? Is forever enough? Is forever enough?")

Jewel's entire album "Lullaby" is pretty good for calmness and mothering songs.
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Kenny Loggins has a whole album of lovely lullaby stuff that I listened to over and over when my boys were new.
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Ooh, lullabies! Here's a good one:

Mary Chapin Carpenter - Dreamland
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Present/Infant by Ani DiFranco
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Dar Williams, "The One Who Knows"
"Que Sera Sera"

Not specifically motherhood-related, but big lullaby energy: "Goodnight, My Someone"
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"Love You" by The Free Design

"How are you doing" by The Living Sisters
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I enjoyed The Be Good Tanyas song Littlest Birds.
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I cry every time I hear this damn ABBA song
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Sweet Child O'Mine?
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If you are willing to go for non english songs "É PER TE" by Giovanotti, a very sweet llullaby for his daughter in italian.
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When I gave birth and had lots of feelings I liked “Sun Song” by Laura Veirs feat Neko Case.

I’ve been playing Woody Guthrie’s “Songs to Grow on for Mother and Child” with my baby and find some of the songs very sweet. We like “I Want My Milk and I Want It Now” but if the baby is not yet a good eater maybe pick something else. Actually, might be an idea to get someone who’s had a scary birth to do a quick scan of the final mix?

All the best to mother and baby. This is a very nice thing to do for your friend.
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Lovey, by The Roches
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"You and Me Against the World by Helen Reddy. Please excuse the dated video, but I just love this song. Although, now that I'm thinking it, that line "when one of us is gone" may not be the best choice for a mom with a child in NICU. Save it for when the baby comes home, for all they went through together.
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Goodnight My Angel by Billy Joel is a favorite of my daughter's.

Little Pony and Great Big Horse by Mike Cooley/Drive By Truckers is about a little one growing big and strong, but might be a bit melancholy so check that one.

And how about Blue by Beyonce?
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Cure for This by Golden Smog is lovely.
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