Moonies, Homeland Security, Global Peace?
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Ok, so there's a huge international non-profit call the "Global Peace Foundation" - it's founder is the oldest son of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. It claims to be seeking to promote world peace, oh and Korean Unification. Its provenance just raises the hairs on the back of my neck.

It's partnering with police and The Department of Homeland Security to give grants to local municipalities to alert people to local threats of violence. Our town may partner with them to do so.
This group gives me an uneasy feeling. There is not a lot of info available - even its Wikipedia page says it looks like just advertising jargon.

Is there any way I can find more info about it? Has anyone ever heard of it? Does it seem legit?
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I went to one of their events at the United Nations (wasn't my idea) a few years ago. It was neat to get to visit the UN General Assembly chamber floor.

A few of the speakers were interesting, many of them were not, there was a big video about how North Korea was bad and Korean unification would be good.

The event I went to was free and did seem to draw an interesting crowd, so if I was better at/more interested in networking, I might have gotten some benefit out of that aspect. I certainly wouldn't pay to attend any of their events.
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When looking at nonprofits, the first place to start is their tax/charity registration filings. In the US, the relevant form is the 990; other countries have registries that provide more or less (generally less) information than the 990. Start there.

Best places to get 990s are Guidestar or ProPublica's Nonprofit Explorer.

Go through several years of filings, look at where the money's coming from (to the extent you can) and where it's going to. Figure out which people are involved and what else they do. Try to find other orgs. that they're connected with. This should give you some leads to chase down to find out more.
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