Seeking simple explanations for European/UK current events and politics
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I've been trying to keep up with Brexit news and politics in Europe, but as a US person with a learning disability I'm finding it significantly challenging to follow. What are some good 101-level resources that are still detailed enough to explain things fully, just in basic terms?

I have trouble remembering things, and I have trouble conceptualizing complicated topics. I've done my best to stay informed about US politics, but I've been doing that for most of my life. I need a simple way to get informed and stay informed about the current goings-on in the UK and Europe, especially as it relates to and overlaps with US politics.

I think YouTube resources would be helpful, but I'm open to any kind of explanatory discussions that don't assume a lot of background knowledge, and also make it easier to follow if you have a learning disability or difficulty with memory.
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The Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness podcast (he of Queer Eye fame) has a couple of episodes about Brexit where he interviews Guardian columnist Mary O’Hara. They’re kind of old – June 2016 and April 2018 respectively – but you’ve prompted me to finally start listening to the first one and it seems pretty decent as an explainer:

What is Brexit?
Has Britain screwed itself with Brexit?

Because Van Ness is American and not particularly into politics, he asks plenty of beginner-type questions and pins down explanations that relate back to US equivalent institutions/events etc. where possible.
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I follow their Twitter and Facebook page.
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