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I scored a sweet deal on raspberries. Got any dessert recommendations?

I’m going to a small dinner party tomorrow and just picked up two containers of raspberries. I’m thinking of going back out in the rain for ricotta to make this Ricotta Raspberry Cake , but if you have a raspberry dessert to share with me I could be persuaded to make something else. I’m listening MetaFilter; hit me with your best raspberry dessert ideas.
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Raspberry Water is also good, especially if they're a bit overripe and perhaps not the prettiest berries
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Eaton mess, traditionally made with strawberries but the acidity of raspberries makes it more refreshing in my view
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Smitten Kitchen just put up a recipe for Raspberry Crumble bars/tart & I'm dying to try it but raspberries in Canada right now are $$$$$
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Totally seconding the Eton mess suggestion (I agree that it's so much better with raspberries than strawberries), yet I'd suggest taking it one step further with a version (like this without passionfruit on top) that adds lemon curd to the mix, especially if you can find good-quality pre-made curd. If summer's in full swing where you are, this frozen version from Seven Spoons is amazing.
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FWIW I've made that Bon Appetit recipe many times and in my experience it comes out better with frozen raspberries.
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Agree with bdk3clash - the BA recipe is fantastic, but frozen berries hold up better. Use your fresh where they will shine. Maybe a pavlova with mixed fresh berries?
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I have taken Eton Mess with raspberries to a party, and I was hailed a hero.
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If you have access to an Ice Cream maker, I always liked making raspberry sorbet with our fresh raspberries:

1 pint of raspberries, crushed
2/3 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
2 Tbsp Orange juice
2 egg whites

cook berries and sugar together over medium heat for 5 minutes to soften
cool and strain off seeds
mix in water and orange juice
in separate bowl, beat egg whites until "foamy"
fold whites into berries
freeze in ice cream maker
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I just made the Smitten Kitchen recipe Mary Ellen Carter linked above - it was a big hit. Everyone went back for seconds and my in-laws asked to keep the leftovers.
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Salt-kissed buttermilk cake from 101 Cookbooks (topped with raspberries then baked)
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If your berries are fresh and beautiful, consider serving, or at least garnishing with, chocolate filled raspberries. Like chocolate covered strawberries, except way better because (a) it's raspberries and (b) the chocolate is on the inside so they're easier to eat and not as messy. A few ways to do it (plain, ganache) but my favorite is to put a piece of waxed paper on a plate, arrange 20 or so chocolate chunks, microwave 30ish seconds until they're melty, and set a raspberry over each so the chocolate oozes up into the cavity. Tiny piles of 2-3 chocolate chips also work, but those trendy flat chocolate disc things definitely don't.
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Yum, all your suggestions sound delicious.
I was also thinking of making that salt kissed buttermilk cake, or the ricotta cake, but I again ran out of time. For times sake I decided to go with a (gasp) boxed brownie mix with a layer of raspberries in the center. I know I’ll bookmark this page and come back the next time I have need for a raspberry dessert! Thanks all around!
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