Norfolk, VA: things to do in the evening?
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I'm in town for the next two weeks and am looking for fun things to do after work.

I'm staying in West Freemason, and can cut out of the office at about 6ish pm. I have a car.

I have the weekends covered, as I'll be visiting my grandmother in Maryland. But I have four-ish hours every weeknight to kill!

There are plenty of restaurants in a walkable distance of my apartment, and I'm excited to explore them, but I have a feeling I'll get crazy-bored of drinking beer alone every single night. So, I rented a car and am ready to roam. I'd be happy to drive to neighboring areas if there's something cool, but a two-hour drive at 6 pm is probably out.

I'm a late-30s gal who is into local and good food, history (which VA has in spades, it's just that a lot is closed after 6 pm, obviously), local beer and wine, farms and farm-adjacent activities and events, flea markets and junk stores, and live music.

Not terribly into movies, beachy-stuff (I'll go to VA Beach for a little bit, for sure, but it's not my Number 1 Jam), or anything crazy expensive. It's also seems like it's going to be mad hot for a while, so I'm not sure about outdoors-y activities.

I'd be excited about a good beach bar, with some fruity drinks and some fried shrimp, though!

What say y'all?
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The Ghent/Colley Ave nearby is a good place to explore for local breweries, unique shops. Check out the Norva for live shows. This is strawberry/berry picking season in local farms in Va Beach. The Sandbridge beach area is a more rustic beach with local flavor and close to the farms. The Vibe Creative district near the oceanfront would probably interest you. Here is an article with good recommendations for the beach area.
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check your mefi mail, just sent you some ideas : )
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