iPhone: Google Profile Photos Not Showing in iMessage?
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How can I get iMessage to properly show my contacts' Google account profile pictures? Alternatively, is there an app that will copy en masse profile pictures from their Gmail entries to their iCloud entries?

I've got iPhone contacts who have profile photos associated with their Gmail account but not with their iCloud entries.

The picture shows if I open their contact via the Contacts app. If I open it via iMessage (touch the circle, then touch 'Info' after it expands), it does not; I can go to the bottom and click the Google 'linked contacts' entry to see the photo).

I cannot seem to find via Google relevant information to help me. Any advice?
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I found my own answer. iMessage gives priority to the iCloud entry, including its lack of avatar. I didn't need iCloud, as I keep my contacts in Google (for purposes of Gmail, etc.). So I logged into iCloud.com and deleted all my entries there. Doing that restored their profile pictures to iMessage.

If you need iCloud, however, and deleting them is not an option, however, I would look for an app that allows you to sync data and profile pics between Google and iCloud accounts.
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Glad you worked it out!

For the assistance of others who might come across this question in the future, one good new way to manage those blank iCloud contact photos (if one is actively using iCloud contacts) is with Vignette...a privacy-centered tool that pulls in public images. It can gather images from Gravatar, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
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