You're gonna feel some kinda way about this
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I am trying to recall the film/TV show that features a scene where a killer speaks matter-of-factly to a boy whose father he just killed that he knows the boy will likely come looking for him later and that he understands. I believe it includes a line something like, "You're probably gonna feel some kinda way about this."
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Kill Bill? when The Bride kills Vernita?
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I came here to suggest Kill Bill as well.
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I think I can picture it (I'm not picturing Kill Bill). I think the scene is set in the 1950s, and at night. The guy is maybe a spy or some kind of underground operative?
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I would be shocked if Tarantino didn't take the concept from some previous film, but I can't place it either.
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No, I know the person is referencing a different thing and it's on the tip of my brain. It was a guy like Michael Madsen (who was in Kill Bill, I know), but it definitely is a man. I think it was a TV show.

Wait, was it in Inglorious Basterds? Hmm. Or that latest Coen brothers series of short films.
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Anything in TV Tropes: Cycle of Revenge look familiar?
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OK, I THOUGHT I recalled a scene like this from LOST - a flashback, where Sawyer meets the man whose actions set off the murder-suicide of his parents. After googling I think I'm actually misremembering the scene - but maybe you were too?
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I thought it was at night right after the dude kills his father - like a warning/prediction.
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That Kill Bill scene is a fantastic example of the trope and I appreciate being reminded of it. But that's not it. Definitely a man, probably a southern or rural man.

I wonder if I have the part about it being the victim's kid he's talking to wrong. If it were a brother or other relative, that would make it possible for it to be from Justified, since Raylan Givens was constantly killing hillbillies with families... though that notion doesn't clarify the memory any, so maybe not.
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I'm picturing a Tommy Lee Jones-y or Josh Brolin-y type of killer, in case that sparks anyone else's memory.
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Definitely a man, probably a southern or rural man.

I'm picturing the same thing - at night in/near a barn or shed or in the woods?
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Sisters Brothers? Westworld? It was at night (i think) and rural/rugged (definitely)... this is really bugging me. I haven't seen Justified so it wasn't that, but I do feel that it was a prestige drama or movie.
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This sounds like Dexter's backstory to me.
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"Feel some kind of way" points to it being new, if that's the exact phrasing - it's only within the last 3 years or so that I've seen that specific phrase in use (and my feeling is that it comes from African American dialects, but I could be wrong about that.)
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Is there something close to this in Unforgiven?
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I've seen this scene, but I can't get there either. Instead of southern, though, in my head it's African-American. Could it be Will Smith in Suicide Squad, maybe? Or Denzel in something?
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I do think it's within the last ten years.

Could be an African-American man, sure that could still work with the folksy vernacular. I think it's a southerner though. I haven't seen Suicide Squad.

It's the line I'm looking for most of all. I don't have it worded exactly right and it's too vague to just Google. But that was what I admired about the scene, how the vague folksiness of the line marked out a sort of ellipsis that didn't need to be explained.

Still hoping someone remembers it so I don't end rewatching a hundred hours of stuff trying to track it down.
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Still hoping someone remembers
Oh wow ME TOO.

I looked for it a bunch in Suicide Squad vids on Youtube but no joy. Searching with that phrase at YouTube pulls up lots of music videos, which is really annoying, btw.
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I, too, have a memory of hearing this recently and definitely in a non-Kill Bill context.

Is it maybe in Ballad of Buster Scruggs? Or The Sisters Brothers? I've seen both recently...
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For some reason, Road To Perdition (Tom Hanks) and Miller's Crossing (Gabriel Byrne) come to mind; although I don't think it was either of those, that's kind of the feel I get from this quote.
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Ballad of Buster Scruggs does sound like a good lead. I was also thinking of "No Country for Old Men" or maybe "There Will be Blood" but I haven't been able to find anything.
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I haven't seen Ballad of Buster Scruggs. so it couldn't be that.
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Have you seen westworld? Or hateful eight?
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It was not Kill Bill. It was a craggy looking man talking and it’s something not that old.
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The only place where that sort of thing might ring a bell in Justified is Season 5, the one with the Florida Crowes coming up to Kentucky. You've got the two brothers and the red-headed sister, their lawyer, variously raising young teenager Kendal Crowe. By the end of that season, Raylan has killed both of the brothers and Kendal was acting out in a severe way.

I don't recall in particular any young folks in the Bennett family (which has been warring with the Givens family); the only other real young person at stake was Loretta McCready (Kaitlyn Dever displaying her acting chops at a young age) who was cordial if not friendly to Raylan and his protective acts, but also not a violent or apparently vengeful person.

The Sisters Brothers, mentioned above, is tickling me on this. Worth a check.
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i'm at work so can't look up clips it Gangs of New York? In the beginning when Bill the Butcher kills Leo D's father, does he maybe say something to him like that?
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I think there is a scene like that in Gangs of New York, but that's not what I'm picturing (this isn't my question but it's driving me crazy...).
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Didn't Jody say something similar when he killed Jesse's dad in Preacher? Trying to find the scene but no internet luck so far.
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My half memory is that this is a time travel movie thing where future self is talking to younger self. Looper, maybe?
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Did you ever watch Peaky Blinders? This seems like a moment from that.
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> Jeanne: "Feel some kind of way" points to it being new, if that's the exact phrasing - it's only within the last 3 years or so that I've seen that specific phrase in use (and my feeling is that it comes from African American dialects, but I could be wrong about that.)

Some type of way is the more typical way I've seen it phrased.
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Any possibility it might be a mangled memory of the "eff pride" scene in Pulp Fiction? I mention it in particular because the same storyline has a flashback to a father dying (in a POW camp) and an older man (Christopher Walken) telling the story in a sort of dry way to the younger version of the character (Bruce Willis).
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If it's newer than Kill Bill, it's definitely newer than Pulp Fiction or anything in Gangs.
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Supernatural? Dean kills a monster (played by Jewel Staite) who has a son who catches him killing her. but I'm not sure he says that line....
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Possibly the 2010 True Grit remake?
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I wouldn't have come up with it myself, but I think it's the Supernatural episode. Now that it's been mentioned I'm pretty sure I remember it.
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I just watched the Supernatural bit and, although the scenario is the same, Dean doesn't say anything resembling that phrase. :(
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What about The Wire?
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Black Panther, maybe? I can't remember the plot very well but that was what came to mind when reading the question.
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Could it be 11.22.63?
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I was also thinking Black Panther and the backstory to Killmonger.
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Ooh, or was it from The Umbrella Academy?
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I want to say Bruce Willis' character in 'Lucky Number Slevin' but that doesn't really fit.
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Was there a paint roller in the scene?

Ha ha, just kidding. When I read the description of the scene I immediately mentally set it in a barn or some kind of storage shed, if that leads anywhere. Definitely sounds familiar, good luck!
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Cohen brothers' No Country For Old Men?
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The Departed?
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Maybe Fargo the TV series, or is Billy Bob Thornton not craggy enough? (Or maybe a newer season?)
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Supernatural? Dean kills a monster (played by Jewel Staite) who has a son who catches him killing her. but I'm not sure he says that line....

I think this is it, honestly. According to the transcript, the sad kid threatens to kill Dean, who answers, "Well, look me up in a few years. Assuming I live that long." The episode is "The Girl Next Door" from season 7 if you want to stream it.
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Argh this is frustrating! I think I remember this scene. Was the main character, who does the killing, tortured as a child by the person they kill? Maybe not physically but mentally. Or perhaps taken from their parent, or their parent was killed in front of them, hence their understanding the child's POV. My other recollection is that the character had just completed (and against all odds, survived) a series of challenges/bad guys to get in a position where they would be able to make the kill -- hence they couldn't not do it, even though the child was there. Throwing these out in case they trigger a memory for someone.

I went through the You Killed My Father trope but nothing rang a bell, and I don't think it quite fits. Could it be somewhere in the Umbrella Academy?
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This has been driving me crazy all night. I remember this too, and it's not any of the films already listed. I'm thinking it was some kind of professional hitman or assassin who did the killing. Thinking of The Accountant or John Wick or a Liam Neeson type. Denzel in one of The Equalizer movies?
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I am being driven mad by this so I’ll put it all succinctly what I’ve watched that I remember. Westworld, Tarantino movies, umbrella academy in their latest seasons. Sisters Brothers and Hell or High Water. Also preacher did make me think that was it but I can’t find the guy saying it when his dad dies and it seems like an assassin/crime boss sort of thing. The person was very good at killing.

To me this scene is definitely after a middle aged/older man has killed people close to a child and he lets the kid live. He’s not exactly resigned but more like it slightly amuses him that the cycle can start over. The child looks pissed. It may be a non-white child? I forget but for the guy I have a kind of Michael Madsen/ed Harris from westworld vibe.

His quote is along the lines of “I know you may feel some kind of way when you grow up, you can come and find me if you do.”

It seems western or rustic. The person who did the killing wasn’t just pure evil. It was a job. It isn’t Justified or Supernatural. I think given that it’s driving us all mad maybe someone start a PM group and we list all the things we’ve commonly seen haha. It’s really killing me. I fast watched 4 eps of preacher.
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There will be blood?
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I know I've seen this. The only candidates I can think of are True Grit (the Coen Brothers one) or maybe something in Guardians of the Galaxy.
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Dang, this is on the tip of MY brain, too!
Is it possible that it was actually in a comic book? I'm thinking Wolverine, or The Punisher, or someone in one of the Ed Brubaker noir series for Image...?
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Fargo S1E08

Lorne Malvo: I watched a bear once. His leg was in a steel trap. It chewed through bloody bone to get free. It was in Alaska. Died about an hour later facedown in a stream. But it was on his own terms, you know? You got close. Closer than anybody else. I don't know if it was you or your partner, but look, if you still feel raw about things when you heal up, come see me.
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This is now driving me mad too. I swear I have also seen it but have no idea where. I haven't seen many of the shows/films mentioned in this thread but I have seen Umbrella Academy and I feel it really fits in there style-wise but can't think where it fits in plot-wise. I've also seen Black Panther and I don't think that's it.

Of the list in Zamboni's tropes link the one that jumped out at me was Castle. I think Kate didn't witness her father's death so it doesn't seem to fit in a plot sense but it feels emotionally plausible and she did IIRC confront her father's killer as an adult. It could fit in the Flash plot-wise but it doesn't feel right.
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Oh wait! This doesn't fit at all with the dead father but is it Garcia Flynn in Timeless?? Talking to Lucy about future Lucy coming to find him or talking to Wyatt about Jessica?
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I feel like I've seen this scene before as well. I can't find the right episode, but could it have been from the tv show The Americans?
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Outlier: A Perfect World starring Kevin Costner and Clint Eastwood.
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This is tickling my brain, too. Did Mal say something like this in Firefly? The phrasing is very Whedonesque.
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I was TOTALLY just having shower thoughts about this being from Firefly. Or something else Nathan Fillion has been in. (We call him Cap'n Castle around here.) But then I was also thinking that it was something I had watched more recently ... Castle Rock? Barry? Get Shorty (TV show)? Fargo? ARRRGGGH.
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I am learning that perhaps the problem is that this is such a common trope, locating a single instance of it based on an imperfect recollection of an intentionally vague line may be nigh-on impossible.
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all of my near-miss recollections are starting to bleed together in my head and let me tell you, Indiana Jones & Barry Lyndon vs Black Manta is gonna be one lit crossover flick
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I now subscribe to the theory that this is in every piece of media only it erases all memory except a vague YEARNING that you must know what it's from.
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I am plagued by the same yearning.

For anyone thinking Will Smith, he says "I can understand you feeling some kind of way about that" in Hancock, according to QuoDB, but it's to inmates that he helped catch.
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That might actually be the line, even if I got the context wrong.

I am enjoying the long list of Killers Speak Plainly to Their Victim's Kid/Associate scenes though.
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Well, it's not "No Country for Old Men" for sure. I just watched that, not even close.

Amazing movie though.
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(crone islander, I think you're absolute right re: Smith.)
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For some reason, Road To Perdition (Tom Hanks) and Miller's Crossing (Gabriel Byrne) come to mind; although I don't think it was either of those, that's kind of the feel I get from this quote.

I'm pretty sure Road to Perdition (or Gangs of New York) is what I assigned to the visual, though neither are probably correct. Paint rollers for all.
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What immediately comes to mind for me is A Perfect World with Kevin Costner but its old. And I am not watching it again, but it may fit.
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FWIW, "feel some kind of way" only came up in episode transcripts from (Google search results), and a few more for feeling some kind of way.

But that might be a flawed or limited result, given that the Hancock transcript is also on the site. It looks like the line breaks ruin the search results for specific phrases, because that line is included as

I can understand you feeling some
kind of way about that.

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