Anyone have experience with Same-e for depression?
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I'm feeling some low-grade blues, and am interested in trying sam-e but would like to hear from anyone who's tried it. Also curious about what happens when you stop taking it.

This is not a major depression, just an on and off feeling, and it's hard to tell if it's just a normal reaction to life: we are living in harrowing, depressing times. Also, I've just gone through menopause and my old dog is getting infirm. So maybe feeling low some days is just par for the course. Still, I'm curious about sam-e, which seems safe with no major side effects. But given that regular antidepressants can be hard to come off, I'm particularly interested in hearing what it's like to STOP taking sam-e.
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It works for me, but I find it’s important to also take vitamins D and B at the same time, to avoid a crash when I stop taking it.
Also, make sure the pills are coated and don’t cut them in half - it can really tear up your stomach. I try to find 200 mg tablets instead of 400 mg for that reason. And oddly, I’ve found that the crappy brand from the drug store or Target worked better than the ones I got from a good vitamin company.
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I took it for joint pain and it did seem to help with my depression too. It may raise your blood pressure and make you anxious. I stopped, mainly because I was worried about those effects. Zero issues stopping, for me.
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Yes I use it a few days a month if I have deep PMS blues. I haven’t needed a tapering off period, I could start and stop as needed, and I did start with a small dose (100-200mg). The only thing I noticed is that my sleep isn’t as deep at night (hence start with small dose). Also if I recall correctly it needs to be on an empty stomach so I would take it first thing in the morning.

I didn’t experience it like a cure by any sort, it just stopped the lows from being so low, until my cycle started again and I was back to baseline. I haven’t had it in a while, having 2 kids seems to have reset my hormonal balance, but I’d take it again without hesitation if I hit those blues again.
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In the experience of the two people I knew who took it, it comes on fast (like in two days) and it worked well for the low grade blues, and then both folks just quit taking it, no tapering, no problem.
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