Amazing, borderline tacky dress shoes for a 5-year-old girl
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What are your favorite brands of boldly-designed, borderline tacky dress shoes for girls? Boden is simply too classy, and Hot Chocolate Designs are too wide for her feet, but she likes bright colors, big, fun prints, unnecessary design elements (tassels, lights, etc), and so forth.
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H&M's kids line has a number of bright and glittery shoes for girls. They are inexpensive as well. I can't speak to the quality other than my niece grew out of hers before she destroyed them.

They have some options on their website, but if you near a store they often have more stock/rotating stock there that doesn't always seem to make it to the website. However, I don't know that all stores include a kids section, so check that first.
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Mini Melissa is very cute and sparkly with some crazy designs

Sophia Webster if money is not an object
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Skechers has a line of impossibly sparkly/garish little girl sneakers called Twinkle Toes. Oh, and they also light up. Grandma bought some for my twins last summer and they've worn them nonstop -- they have a million pairs of sparkly hand me down shoes but they're mostly really uncomfortable I think, so we like having some that are tennis shoes.
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Zulily always has shoes like this on sale! Children's Place is also good for seasonal (i.e., cheap and won't last more than a month or two) shoes like that.
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My favorite shoes as a kid were magenta Converse high tops that I painted with puffy paint. They were awesome and fun to make! You could also use glitter paint, I’d imagine, or superglue on googly eyes or things like that.
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Why stop at the borderline? Irregular Choice for kids
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Check out Chooze. Like Hot Chocolate, with most of their shoes the right and left shoes are different from each other in some way - like hearts on one shoe and stars on the other. I find more variety on Amazon than on the Chooze website; presumably Amazon has some discontinued styles.
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Mini Melissa all the way. They run small, FYI. Size up.
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