Totally tubed
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What should I do with with 26 new 2.5 inch x 24 inch snap seal mailing tubes?

I haven’t been able to sell them them (Craigslist or EBay). If I can’t find a use for them (art project? household hack?) I’d like to donate them but what kind of nonprofit needs tubes that big?
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Artists who sell prints. Maybe a broker of prints. Local museum who sells prints, that is likely, right there. If you send me one of those tubes, I will send it back with a print.
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Cardboard Tube Samurai cosplay.
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Do you know of a local animal rescue which might welcome some as cage furniture for small animals (mice/small hamsters/baby rats, etc.)?
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Put small rattling things in them, like a small rain stick, and give them to children under the age of 5?
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Art teachers at schools may want it. or The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse
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Give them to 26 young children for the kids to sing into.
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Random pinterest 103 best reuse your shipping tubes.
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Thanks Sophont! I hadn’t heard of the Depot. Looks amazing.
posted by not_the_water at 7:52 PM on May 30

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