Graduation approaches: What free/discounted stuff can I get as a student
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I am a graduate student who will be done with studenthood in June. I just realized that there's probably a ton of great resources that I can load up on before my studenthood expires this summer. I've Googled and come across some generic lists (Amazon Prime, Spotify, discounts on clothing) but I'm really interested in loading up some more professionally oriented goodies like professional memberships and academic/research software.

I'm in a broad social sciences field and also dabble in freelance science writing, so I'm particularly interested in obtaining student discounts on fancy schmancy software/useful tools for mixed-methods research (quantitative data science type tools as well as graphic design or qualitative tools). I am likely going to be employed in the non-profit or government sectors, it's unlikely/unclear whether I would have access to these resources through work. So that's why I want to try to load up now!

Already got:
Tableau's 1-year free student license
Discounted Lenovo laptops
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Best answer: Apple also has discounts for people in the education system like Lenovo
AWS credits and training

More general and less what you're really into:
YNAB -- budgeting system is free for a year for college students
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Best answer: First and foremost check your school's page(s) for site-licensed software that I'M COMPLETELY SURE you would totally remember to stop using if that was required by the license.

If you use Stata, its student and "gradplan" pricing is vastly better than normal pricing.
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Might be less relevant if you're an Atlas.ti kind of person, but the two-year NVivo student license is a really good deal.
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Academic Superstore online for greatly discounted software of all kinds. Congratulations!
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Professional organizations typically offer a discounted student membership. If you will be seeking work as a Teapot Designer, joining the Association of Teapot Designers now could save you a lot of money - at least for the first year. Most professional organizations also offer discounted membership to their local chapters and trainings for students.
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Adobe’s Creative Cloud membership for students is really generous. You could get the whole creative suite for any graphic design needs (and pair this with classes, often available for free through public libraries!) or just choose what software you want and pay a little less for only those apps to do something like learn Photoshop or Illustrator.

I’m uh, pretty familiar with this discount even though I graduated in 2007, you just need a .edu email address, which some schools coincidentally provide for alumni.
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Check OneTheHub for your school for software.
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