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TMI filter about discharge. It's driving me bonkers and I need a second opinion before trekking to a doctor.

For the past couple of months I've been dealing with watery discharge that by all accounts is normal but has been a lot. Some times I can't tell if I'm dealing with incontinence or discharge, but there's no urine smell, no pain, nothing. It's just the amount and it's making me self-conscious and hyper-focus on it.

-not pregnant, no chance of it
-been on the Evra patch for 2-3 years: 3 weeks patch, 1 week off
-use a menstrual cup every period
-normally I have variances in discharge based on where I am in my cycle but lately it's just been wet
-also dealing with anxiety about needing to pee right this instant, especially before leaving the house for my commute or before movies etc., so I've been trying to train myself with longer intervals; not sure if related? also amped up within-past-year recent

I've done sooooo much Google research and I can't find anything satisfactory, and again, please take me at my word that normal UTI symptoms do not apply. I'm starting up squats again to firm up muscles because I'm getting desperate and I've read overdoing kegels can make some things worse.

Am I just getting older or does this sound doctor-worthy? I know, if it's "interfering with my quality of life" I should probably go, but if it's just welcome to your near-30s then I'd like to know that too. (currently late 20s)
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Any chance it’s trichomoniasis? One of the most common STIs, not included in many standard testing panels unless you present with symptoms. Easily curable.
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This is a valid reason to go to a doctor
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Discharge changes throughout life are normal, but the amount of change you describe gives me pause. I'd see my GYN if I were you.
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This is definitely not "welcome to your near-30s." I'd stop with the googling and just go to a doctor, where they can properly diagnose this.
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Seconding, this is not “welcome to your near-30s.”
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This might be helpful (everybody follow Dr. Gunter, she's great!) but I would just schedule a wellness exam with your gynecologist.
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Why is the have-to-pee not just plain old have to pee? Pee anxiety...? A thing? I wouldn't tolerate pee urgency because it sucks and because it could be a UTI. Drink a bunch of water, slow down on caffeinated stuff and sugary stuff, and make an appointment. It could be something you can knock out with antibiotics.

My friend had this floods of discharge thing and try as she might she could not get her gynecologist to worry about it. She called it "biologize," as in, "I have to change my underwear. I biologized these..." Always said with an intense, wide-eyed stare. This friend is my favorite because she's hilarious. I think the biologizing resolved eventually.
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That sounds a lot like bacterial vaginosis (BV). It doesn't always smell bad. Sometimes it just smells different, sort of? If left untreated it can lead to more unpleasantness, so do go get checked out. It's an easy fix with antibiotics. However, if you're prone to yeast infections, make sure to load up on yogurt and probiotics during and after the medication so you don't bounce from one thing to the next (ask me how I know...ugh).

I've had BV give me weird urgency around peeing, even though I think it's not super common? It definitely happened when I didnt realize I had BV and left it untreated for months. Oops.
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It's worth seeing a doctor even though there are many benign reasons for this sort of thing. For me occasionally this can happen around allergy season especially if I'm taking Mucinex or something similar.
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This is me and I have fibroids. The pee thing happens more at certain times of the month though.
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Can't say of the pee urgency is related, but if you've had a bad UTI at any point know that the bacteria can burrow into your bladder lining and cause this sort of thing as they go through their life cycle. Low dose long course antibiotics can fix.
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Hi, I’m a NP/CNM. (TINMA/etc.)

Every woman has different amounts of discharge but if it’s a change for you, it’s worth getting checked out. As above, could be BV, trich, or even yeast or chlamydia. If you’re sexually active with an ejaculating partner, is it possible the ejaculate is running out? It doesn’t sound like a classic UTI but if you’re having urinary symptoms, I’d want to dip your urine too.

Yes, definitely get checked out. Hope you feel better soon!
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