Paris shopping filter: small, cool, cheap, colorful?
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What are some good places in Paris to shop for inexpensive small items that are also interesting and/or pretty? Looking for the class of objects roughly matching the "impulse purchase" section of American craft stores, or the kids' prize box in elementary school-- stationery, jewelry, little toys, little tools, knickknacks, etc., etc.

HEMA, Merci, and Pylones are names that seem to come up frequently, but are there any other recommended options for this type of shopping? Street markets, perhaps?

Shops with at least some offerings in the €1-€5 range would be especially nice. Thanks!
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Museum shops are often good for this. I recall the national museum of modern art in the Centre Pompidou had lots of these items.
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Oh and also the Carnavalet has a great gift shop with these kinds of items. (Plus that is a cool museum to poke around in, and admission is actually free. If you like Art Nouveau, there’s a set of Art Nouveau rooms you can visit.)
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Le BHV Marais is a 6 floor department store that I found pretty fun to walk through a few weeks back when I was caught by a surprise spring rainstorm and needed a place to dry out and wait for the rain to pass.
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Also there’s a REALLY cool Sunday flea market/vendor stall thing in Clignancourt every Saturday to Monday (wander past the tents to the backstreets):

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The metro stop on line 12, Abbesse, has lots of small boutique shops, different price points but not all expensive. BHV is also great and near the Marais which has great shops, a more expensive area though.
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flower flavored candy at galleries lafayette
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There are many branches of Pylones in France. They have been pushing French designed products for about 30 years. The owners started out at the ENSCI industrial design school in Paris - and went on the sell in flea markets initially. Not always cheap, however!
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Flying Tiger has a few branches in Paris
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The teeny-tiny Air France archive at Invalides has some incredible vintage postcards, six for five euros, I think.
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Sajou (haberdashery and other sewing supplies)
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Flying Tiger has a few branches in Paris

Yes yes yes this is my favourite store. Enthusiastically seconded. Hema is also amazing.
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You may want to spend roughly an hour or so at "Les Puces", the big flea market in Saint-Ouen, just north of the capital. Just take métro line 4 to its northern terminus at Porte de Clignancourt.
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Along the Seine, I like the Bouquinistes; you can usually find something of interest, plus it's just a very unique Parisian thing.
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There's a great homewares shop near Place de République called La Trésorerie that has lots of fun kitchen tools and trinkets. They have a nice selection of inexpensive French-made knives, utensils, brushes, and French linen tea towels. Maybe not quite in the €1-€5 range, but many items not too much more than that. (Of course you can spend a lot more if you choose.) I came back with some brightly coloured L'Econome paring knives, teaspoons, some glass egg cups, and linen dish towels.
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