Editing the same document in both Word and WordPerfect
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How to avoid back-and-forth WordPerfect-Word conversion from screwing up documents?

Because of the limitations of the software available to me at work, I have to convert files back and forth from Word to WordPerfect. The formatting and particularly the footnotes get screwed up after doing this for a while. Is there any way to avoid this?

I thought RTF would be a good intermediate format but it's not.

I can't install software on the work machines but stuff that runs on a USB drive is a possibility.

Does anyone have any experience with the new crop of online word processor websites like Writely?
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Save as .txt file and use Notepad/Wordpad?

Use Openoffice which can read/save either format?
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Portable AbiWord | Portable OpenOffice.
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I love writely, but I have no experience importing/exporting to/from -- I use it simply as an online journal/notepad. Not very helpful, I know.
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I have found the people at WordPerfect universe to be knowledgable and helpful.
This is from their tips and tricks for endnotes.
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I like using .rtf files, they are like .txt but hold formatting between just about any text editor from wordpad to word, wordperfect, open office, write, etc.... Bold, italics, font size, alignment.. It's great if you are on a machine that doesn't happen to have any "real" word processors installed too.
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Well, IME the only thing that can fully read documents produced in Word is MSWord. But it's possible to get by if the documents are fairly simple. I've not seen another WordProcessor that can handle nested tables.
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OpenOffice might be an option, but I'm not sure if I can run unofficial applications at work.

.txt is not an option - I need stuff like footnotes.

The WP universe stuff looks good. Thanks!
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OpenOffice 2.0 can indeed open WordPerfect files, but cannot save a file in WPD format. (Strange but true.)

Perhaps this is a foolish question, but why do you need to do the continual conversions? If you are used to using one program, why not install the other and learn to use it as well? You don't have to love it, just use it.
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I can't install applications at work and I don't want to pay for something else at home.
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Grinder, can you run executables off a USB memory stick or the like at the office? I'd give portable OpenOffice a spin, or AbiWord.
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