Spilled juice on detachable Surface tablet keyboard
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I have spilled juice on my Surface tablet keyboard. I detached the tablet, blotted the keyboard and turned the keyboard over to dry on a bunch of paper towels. Is there anything else I should be doing? It is an older model. If need be, can I replace the detachable keyboard?
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You should be able to replace the keyboard easily if necessary. The "guts" of the computer are in the tablet portion. You've done right and it should be fine, though some keys could be a little sticky! A little use ought to loosen them up, though.
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I've saved several electronics by flushing out whatever fluid was spilled, or it was dunked in, with 99% rubbing alcohol, and then using the hose from the vacuum for a good while to suck it all out and dry it quickly.
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Tip: sugars aren't terribly soluble in 99% rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol - it's not a good polar solvent. Much better off using normal ~70% rubbing alcohol with water in it, then finish with a rinse of 99% isopropyl/rubbing alcohol. The water in the first wash will dissolve & carry away the sugar, and the alcohol in the second will dry any remaining water.

If I was stuck with a choice of using ony one or the other for cleaning spilled-on electronics, I'd choose normal 70% rubbing alcohol. Rinse, rinse again, and leave open to dry.
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Thank you everyone! I am typing this now on my rehabilitated keyboard. I'm kind of shocked that it seems I didn't do any damage, but thankful to know I did the right thing when it happened.
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