Cell phone home base with ringer?
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Cell phone charging stand with extra loud ringer - does it exist?

I ditched my land line for a cell phone (Nokia 6225), which works fine for me, except occasionally when I am at home. If I have the ringer on loud enough to hear around the house, it's too loud for carrying in my pocket. I know I can set up separate profiles for home and outside, but then I have to remember to change it every time I enter or leave, and the loudest setting still isn't loud enough. I think it would be much easier if I had a base station near the front door. I've had friends express an interest in exactly the same kind of thing, so I figure there must be a demand. Why can't I find this product?

(Nokia makes these things but I don't know what they do with the ring, and I don't really need the speaker phone or music features.)
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Best answer: Even better there is a system that allows your cell phone to jack into your home phone system when you get to your house, letting you use your cell phone from any land line phones.

A quick Google search led me here:http://www.jakeludington.com/gadget_envy/20051021_cell_phone_to_landline_converter.html
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Response by poster: Thanks. That's an interesting option that never occured to me. I think it's still more than I need, but I'll consider it. (Dock'n'Talk info)
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Hmmm... anyone know if Dock'n'Talk will work with Vonage? We're thinking about Vonage or a similar service for our 'land line' and it would be groovy to be able to integrate our cell phone. I checked D'n'T's FAQ, but it doesn't mention anything, and I'm phone-savvy impaired.
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Best answer: If your day-to-day schedule has little variation, some Nokia phones will let you program a time each day that it switches to a given profile.

Also, while you may not find a base that itself has a loud ringer, I've also seen several Nokias that will switch which profile they have when a device is plugged in. I had my old one set to switch to the loudest ring when I had the car charger/speaker plugged in.
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Response by poster: Thanks Solotoro! Mine doesn't seem to have the profile schedule function, and my schedule isn't very regular anyway, but I've now found the function that lets me choose a profile for when its connected to the charger. (On my phone: Menu -> Settings -> Enhancement Settings -> Charger -> Set a profile.) I'd still like a louder ringer, but at least now I can have it on the loudest setting at home and something more reasonable when I'm out. I'll try this out while I contemplate the Dock n Talk.
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