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We're having a "Screw you stroke, I'm still kicking" party for a dear friend who suffered a massive stroke last year. We want to put something funny on her cake - I am all tapped out. Give me your best stroke humor!

Friend has a rather black sense of humor. Our group chat for party planning is called "I survived a massive stroke and all I got was this crappy hand tremor" if that helps give a tone to the event.

It's a very much fuck you, irreverent kind of tone. I got her several adult coloring books with many curse words to help with her fine motor skills .

What funny stroke related saying can we put on her cake?
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Still Here, Bitches
posted by bleep at 3:14 PM on May 23, 2019 [6 favorites]

Not Today, Satan
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Stroke of Luck
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Inspired by Game of Thrones:

What do we say to strokes?

Not today.
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Might be able to do something with CVA. Like



too much?
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Either a scull boat (get it?) or a kitty. Or both of those. Things one strokes, when one is the agent rather than the victim of said activity.

Other stroke things: grandfather clock; pen; lightning.
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I mean, "Different strokes for different folks" is pretty obvious. You've done that already, right?
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For people of the age to have experienced early MTV, get a photo cake of this.
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Best answer: “Thank god the only thing slurring your speech today is booze.”
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I'm personally a fan of "Not Today, Satan," but maybe ask her? My dark sense of humor about my brain injury is a personal thing, so maybe don't guess what works for her - some of these suggestions might not land right, so it may be best to make sure in advance.
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with the hand tremor aspect would it be appropriate to have whatever winds up on the cake done in really shaky hand writing? something like this?
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If she has a hand tremor, how about "Shakin' Not Stirred"?

Zombie humor for re-animated braaaaaaaains?
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One stroke over par.
When I heard about your stroke, I nearly burst a vessel.
No, anYOURysm!

Good on your friend, sounds like they've got a good attitude for recovery.
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good thing you got a stroke of genius...
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Maybe recreate the album art for The Strokes’ album Is This It but retitle it somehow. (This Is Shit?)
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These are awesome.

I had a meeting about raising money for stroke research yesterday and someone randomly said "I love stroke!" and it made everyone laugh for a loooong time.

Or, just put a picture of some rowers on it. STROKE! STROKE! STROKE!
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I feel like a bad person suggesting this, but you could have an ecstatically smiley face under the banner "HAPPY STR[gibberish wavy line]," where the rights side of the face is a neutral expression.
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