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I've spent the last 10 years or so buying each year's iteration of these cheap sandals from Payless because they're the only ones I can find that work for my feet. Can you suggest alternatives, now that Payless is gone?

My feet are sensitive, arthritic, and hard-to-fit. I think these sandals work because they have virtually no heel, the soft fabric (microsuede?) doesn't rub away my skin, the memory foam footbed is comfortable, and there's a gap in the straps that prevents my little toe from getting blisters (I have a very wide forefoot). The back strap is necessary.

I have alerts set up to purchase these used when available, but will need a long-term solution. Cost isn't a significant factor. I own these in a 7 wide. The strap material of Tevas and Chacos cuts up my feet.
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Have you tried Skechers? They come with memory foam footbed and are also accommodate wider feet. Perhaps this, this, or this?

You might also want to check out the reviews and recommendations at Barking Dog Shoes (my go-to blog for comfortable / orthotic shoes!)
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I find Clarks sandals really comfortable and they have a bunch of options in wide fit.
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I also have problem feet! My go-to sandals are Clarks (as above) and SAS (a pair is currently on my feet).
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Seconding Clarks -- I have very, very wide feet, and sensitive, blister-prone skin, and they work for me. Specifically, these, which are on my feet right this minute, and are so, so comfy.
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I’d also add Birkenstock and Keen to the list.
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Keen sandals run very small, from what I've heard.
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Aetrex sandals have been my go-to for the last 5 years and I love them. They usually last me a year or two with lots of walking. I was able to walk miles around Manhattan in a new pair two years ago with no pain.
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(The style I've been buying is "JILLIAN", fyi)
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Seconding Aetrex- I really just can’t handle most of the supposed comfort sandals, but Aetrex are pretty good! Right now I have a pair of Lori that I like quite a lot.
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Taos sandals - I have the two-years-ago version of the Award, they’re one of very few sandals I can wear (have arthritic toes, a variety of tendon issues, and wide feet).
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SAS is what you want. Specifically these. You may not even need a wide as the leather is very soft, although they do come in wide and maybe even extra wide. Trust me. I almost never find shoes that don't make my feet literally bleed. These are the ones I come back to every time.
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I find most sandals irritating to wear due to painful straps or lack of support, but I enjoy my Clarks sandals. They have a lot of sensible options and, if they fit, they're usually comfortable right out of the box. These are the ones I have. I've worn them quite a bit for the last couple years and still like them. So I'll join in with the recommendations for Clarks.
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Response by poster: Thanks all; you've given me some great suggestions I can try out!
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