Twitter blocks emojis?
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I posted about a midwest Lobster Fest to Twitter, because it had a warning that said, "Festival is not responsible for any illness, death, or allergy related issues regarding consumption of shellfish or any other food and beverage served at The Great American Lobster Fest,” and I followed it with a lobster emoji and a skull and crossbones. I can no longer type a lobster emoji from my phone.

If I scroll through emojis on my phone, the lobster doesn’t exist anymore. I can still type it from my computer, so it still exists. Does Twitter block emojis based on posts?
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This isn't something that Twitter does (or could do), so something else is going on.

What kind of phone do you have? Which OS version is it running? Are you using the stock keyboard?
Can you type 🦞 in a different app?
Can you type ☠️?
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I bet you don't have a cupcake, either.

Lobster is one of the newest emojis. When you're in an app that supports it (like twitter and facebook for instance) you can see it. My Android phone doesn't have it yet.

Go back to twitter, I bet the lobster will be back.
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Case in point, this: 🦞 looks like a box with an X through it to me when I’m viewing it with Safari on my elderly phone. It looks like a box with a question mark in it (to me) when I copy-paste it and text it to my friend. When he receives it on his shiny new phone it looks like a lobster.

Just checked my phone’s list of emojis and I don’t have a lobster.
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I think Phunniemee has correctly identified the issue. Emojipedia says the lobster emoji was added to Unicode on June 5, 2018. It usually take at least six months or so before changes to the Unicode standard start to appear in system software updates. Some apps may include their own emoji library, but most rely on the system for emoji support.
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Just FYI, in this thread on my up to date Firefox on Windows 10 all I see is a box around 01F99E, which is logical since that is says the Unicode value is for the new lobster. In my up-to-date Chrome all I see is a square box with nothing in it.

But on my Android Samsung Galaxy S9+ in Google, Chrome and Firefox there are Lobsters shown throughout this thread.

So this supports the idea that it's hit and miss at this point.
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Several posters above have it right.

Even when your phone or computer's system can support a new emoji, it's not necessarily supported within an app if that app uses its own emoji art rather than depending on the system's. This includes the Twitter and Facebook apps. If you haven't updated your Twitter app for a while, try updating it and see if that helps.
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Phunniemee is correct.

Happened to me with the newer kissy face emoji. I updated iOS and it is there, but never updated my laptop or iMac. When I look at my chat history on the other machines I see the box with an x in it, but the kissy face is there on my phone.
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