US>France plug adapters in Paris
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So I am a dumb-dumb and brought the wrong plug adapters on my trip to France. (I need US-to-France with two round pins, but accidentally brought US-to-Britain three straight pins.) I'm now in Paris and need to buy some; does anyone know firsthand where these are sold? I just need the adapters that change the plug shape, all my devices are 100-240V and 50/60 Hz.

I have some thoughts (FNAC? BHV?) but I would really like to avoid fruitlessly wandering around or heading to multiple stores on my limited time here hunting this down. I suspect I might have some difficulty because everyone else here needs France>US, but I need US>France. Any firsthand or recent experience would be greatly appreciated!
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Best answer: A few thoughts 1. You might be able to get away with just buying a usb “brick” for a lot of things (like the little nub that plugs into the wall to charge an iPhone) 2. You can probably find those travel plugs that are meant for multi country and take different inserts (GB to France, France to USA, etc) 3. If you’re staying at a hotel they might be able to help you out.

Sorry I don’t have specific shop recommendations!
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Best answer: Hopefully you'll get firsthand advice like you asked for, but in case you don't - I'd try any hardware store (quincaillerie?), even the hole-in-the-wall ones, and I'd actually be quite surprised if they didn't have US->France adapters.

Also you probably know this but if you're staying in a hotel, they'll either lend you one or know where to find one. And you can ask any local people where you can buy one - that's probably the best way to find someplace nearby.
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Best answer: Ya, ask at your (or the very nearest) hotel. Also any tourist gift shop carries them. Look for eiffel towers etc and you'll find what you need.
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Best answer: BHV will almost certainly help you. Any hardware store should have universal to European adaptor, if not a US to Europe adaptor. If you tell us where you are staying can certainly point you to something local. Even a Monoprix/super markets near big train stations should be able to help. Or tourist crap shops will sell them too.
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Best answer: Seconding hotels, mine lent me one recently. Then your next bet is gift shops, where I also saw them.
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Best answer: Basement of the BHV, rue de Rivoli.
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Thirding check with your reception desk first.
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Literally any store. Every corner shop, mini carrefour, tigertiger, tourist tat shop, euro store, random high street place will have one. It's kinda hard to not find a street where you can't buy one. Same applies to pretty much every capital city in Europe I can think of.
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Best answer: Of note: What you are going to find on every corner is a French/EU plug to universal socket. The socket (that you plug your US plug into) may not look as you expect it to, but your 2 or 3 prong North American plugs will fit into it. If you haven't seen or used one before, it's easy to dismiss it at a glance as being unsuitable for your plugs.

It will look like this.
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Best answer: Toxic is correct, you want something that is advertising itself as a 9-in-1 converter. For short-term use, you don't need a specific adaptor that only takes US plugs, but your plug will fit.
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