Previous years' US Democratic Party platforms?
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I want to find an archive of all the old national US Democratic Party platforms going back to at least 1972 but my Google-fu is failing me. Something like this, but for the Democrats. More specifically, I want to track how the Democrats' abortion plank has changed over time, so if someone has already compiled all the abortion-related text in one place in chronological order then that would work for my purposes too. Please advise, thanks!
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Best answer: Slideshow with milestones and sources, via the Population Connection Action Fund.
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Response by poster: Thanks!!! While the links cited in the slideshow are broken, they at least got me to the website I should be looking on, which got me to this: Democratic Party Platforms

And thanks to the slideshow, I know exactly which years I need to look at to find the full text of what I'm looking for.
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