What newer SUVs will I love as much as my 2011 Honda CR-V?
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I'm suspicious my middle aged Honda is starting to die on me: headlight and tail light out just in the last week, air conditioning two weeks before that, the starter in the fall. If I buy another car, what is your favorite SUV from the last few years (to buy used)?

Durability and reliability are key, and I like sitting up high, hence the SUV. I have a short commute and then do a lot of suburb driving. It needs to hold up for medium-long (4-8 hour) drives several times a year.
I don't like the built-in touchscreens in many newer cars, so if there's a car without one or with a simple/easy to navigate/responsive one, let me know! I know back up cameras usually mean there has to be some screen but I find a bunch fiddly.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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have you looked at the Rav 4s? Mine is an 08 and runs perfectly... reliability = A+.
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I LOVE my 2011 Ford escape. I bought it three years ago and it has had zero issues despite being a little over the 100k kilometer mark. It sits higher up and has great visibility (no tiny weird windows causing blind spots).
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We just bought a RAV4 hybrid. Very nice! And I have enjoyed driving my daughter's Prius hybrid. Also nice, just a little smaller.
These were both new purchases, so I can't give you info on second owner stats.
If you are looking in the pickup category, I can also recommend the Toyota Tundra.
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I just this week sold a 2016 CRV that I loved. It wasn't touch screen-y, but I suspect it was lower-end. I liked it better than my 2001 RAV, which I also loved but was louder to drive. For what it's worth, I sold the 2016 CRV (low mileage, under 20K) for $16K. I had bought it used in 2017, which is kind of unusual.
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Just so you know, headlights and taillights...go out. I wouldn't consider that in my durability calculations. Think of those as a wear item - like tires or brake pads.
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SpousalBaseballPajamas has had a CRV in the past, and liked it, but really likes her Subaru Forester. I think it’s a 2017 model. Might be worth looking into.
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notsnot- absolutely, and thanks. After I get this light fixed I'll wait and see how things look- ideally I'll keep this car at least 2 more years.

But thanks for all the suggestions. This gives me a few broad styles to look at when I'm ready to buy!
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We have a 2016 Subaru Outback, and it is fabulous! (we bought used) It has more cubic storage space than our old Forester, when the back seats are folded down, the lie flat (no weird hump), and it sits up off the ground enough that it's easier to get into than the older Outbacks.
Subaru cars are super-safe as well. I like Honda as a brand too, but am more partial to Subaru.
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ideally I'll keep this car at least 2 more years.

For general info on what you have on hand, and if you haven't already, you might want to check out Edmunds or Kelley Blue Book. Chief variables are mileage and condition. Regular scheduled maintenance always a plus. Good place to check out for your next vehicle.
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I presently own a CR-V. It's kinda "meh" to me but it gets the job done.

I've been VERY impressed with the new Hyundai Tuscon. It's a re-design, and a high-quality SUV.
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When the AC went out on my 09 CRV, it turned out it was covered under a recall or similar program, so I didn't have to pay a cent. Worth checking into if you haven't already.
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