A Forgotten Birthday
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Help, I have forgotten my husband's birthday. While I know it is too late to 'make it up', I would like to do something special, is there anything that can be planned/purchased at this late stage? To be fair, I did not technically forget, but it is coming up in the next few days and he knows that I forgot. He does not like to be surprised and says that there is nothing special he wants to do, so he is bit hard to shop for. His likes and dislikes are below the fold.

He likes: gardening, watching football, watching and playing golf, most sports in general, household DIY projects, animals, many crafts

He dislikes: musical performances and theater, going to bars and clubs, wine, the northeast part of the US

We are in the DC area.
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I am very confused. The birthday is a few days from now, your husband dislikes surprises and has no special requests -- what is there to "make up?"

Golfers and gardeners are great to shop for, there's endless gear you can buy for them. Make a big golf-n-garden basket with plants and seeds and tools and golf balls and tees and whatnot. What are we missing here.
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I am also someone who is extremely hard to buy for. The DIY projects + crafts make me think that he might jive on what I've been all about lately: LEGO.
In the last year and a half I've gone down a rabbit hole of LEGO and have been enjoying the hell out of it. Look at the Saturn V rocket model. It's just fiddly enough that someone with a true DIY nature might enjoy it and not think it too childish.

I like to work on my projects after a long day of work, sitting on the floor in front of my coffee table while putting something mindless on TV like Fringe or Warehouse 13.
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You haven't forgotten. Everything is fine.

You could:

- Plan a hang-gliding vacation at the North Carolina coast

- Write him a poem

- Plan a visit to a local animal sanctuary

- Plan any kind of fun, new date activity for him
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Visit to a botanical garden? Tickets to a sporting event near you that you could attend together, or he could attend with a friend?
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Pack a lunch of special food he likes and take him out to the Billy Goat Trail (close), Skyline Drive (further), or Charlottesville (furthest) for a nice long ramble and a picnic.
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Agree with amtho, and just adding there are also hang-gliding places in eastern Maryland that are an easy day-trip from DC.
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I've given gardening friends a gift certificate for the number of years old they are $43 on a 43rd birthday--in your case, I would combine that with a trip to the nursery and a lunch date.
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Don't worry about shopping. Instead, focus on providing an experience. If it were me (and your husband sounds a lot like me), I'd think a day hiking trip that ends with a nice dinner at a favorite restaurant would be quite the enjoyable birthday.
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How about a print subscription to Make Magazine?
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You say he likes animals - does he like cats? You could take him to Crumbs & Whiskers (cat cafe) in Georgetown! They even have a "kitten lounge" popup right now since it's kitten season. It's next door to the Ben & Jerry's and that sounds like a pretty awesome birthday combo to me.
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Is there a household project he's been putting off due to some missing element (scheduling an electrician to come, getting a carpenter's help, or lots of helping hands needed, etc) where you could provide the missing element and plan a "fun" day around it (well fun for him if he likes home improvement)? Trip to Home Depot, maybe gift him some new tools that will help with said project, gathering the friends in advance if it's something that requires group effort or strength? Then beer and pizza to celebrate a job well done?
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Plan a trip to the National Arboretum-it’s a fun place for people who enjoy gardening, and it’s free. It’s large enough that you could spend the day there with a picnic lunch.
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Tickets to either a Baltimore Ravens or Washington [Redacteds] game. The pre-season ones are pretty reasonably priced. And if you don't want to go, he can take a friend.
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Airplane flying lesson.
Hot balloon ride.
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If you want to take a small trip, I’d recommend heading up to Chanticleer gardens which is just outside Philly (that’s the MidAtlantic not the Northeast). It is an amazing garden which they call a ‘pleasure garden’ because the focus is on enjoying it - so lots of nice places to sit and relax and pretty stunning horticulture. The gardeners spend time making all sorts of things: they have workshops for ironwork, woodwork, etc. and you can see all the awesome stuff they’ve made.

So bring a picnic of all his favorite picnic food and go.
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There is a farm animal sanctuary in Poolesville, MD -- Poplar Spring -- that does tours where you can interact with the animals. And if he likes it enough and had the time, he could potentially volunteer there (or for other similar organizations) in the future. The satisfaction from volunteering is sort of a gift of its own.
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Play him this song, Karla Bonoff's Personally.
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