Android firewall app?
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I have a Pixel 3a and would like to find a firewall app.

I won't be rooting my phone, so it needs to work without root.

Are there good open source ones?

NetGuard? AFWall?

Any closed source ones that are demonstrably trustworthy?
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Maybe things have changed, but I think root is required to modify the firewall on Android. Is there a particular reason root is not an option? If you are looking for security/privacy/control over your phone, it's ultimately that path you will want to go down.

AFWall is excellent and super easy to use. NetGuard works by routing everything through a local VPN, so it wont work if you are also using a VPN. Those are the only two I am aware of although you could poke around a little on F-Droid to see if there's anything new.
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All the firewalls I've look at that don't require root work by creating their own local VPN (same with some antivirus active-web-protection apps). If you're accessing the Internet via VPN already, you won't be able to use both VPNs at the same time.

If you're not already using a VPN, NetGuard seems to be highly regarded.

I've unlocked and rooted my Pixel 1, and I'm very happily using Private Internet Access VPN along with AFWall+.
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