How do I watch this movie?
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I got an ad for "The Public" in my inbox a while back, and I was like, yeah, that sounds good! But I don't normally watch movies, and I can't figure out how to connect my eyeballs with the film. I figure someone here is a habitual movie-watcher who can tell me how it's done.

I am in Portland, Oregon, and someone told me it WAS showing around here but isn't any more.
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It will be on DVD and various digital platforms (e.g. you'll be able to rent it on iTunes or Amazon for a few dollars, and it *may* be on streaming sites like Netflix or Kanopy) on July 2. For now, its closest location is Bremerton. Small movies like this add and remove theaters every week, and you can check its Instagram where new cities will be posted, on the off chance that it comes back to a theater near you.
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It opened April 5th, so if nothing shows up on their Get Tickets map for your area, it will be available on blu-ray. DVD, and digital platforms on July 2nd.
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Talk to your local library to see if they could arrange a showing in a nearby theater. It's catnip for librarians. This is how I saw it in Vermont.
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I am 95% sure it's on Kanopy, which is amazing FREE.
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Couldn't find it on Kanopy. I have emailed my local library!
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Thanks for reaching out to see if the library is going to screen "The Public." We are indeed planning to play the public as part of our collaboration with the Hollywood Theatre this October along with a panel discussion. This event isn't up on our website yet but it should be in the next couple months.
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