Can we plan the event for such and such a date...?
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Please give me a link to a good calendar that shows all Christian, Jewish and Muslim important holidays.

My google calendar doesn't easily show holidays for some reason. If you search for the holiday , it will show up in a sidebar but I want a normal thing where the holiday is just plain written into the date box. So I don't have to think of it first and look for it. Just online. Easily accessible, free, right now. My icalendar used to show holidays but no more - don't know why. Thank you!
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When I go to Google Calendar, there is an option to add another calendar. Clicking on that brings up an option to browse calendars of interest. Religious calendars are included in the calendars of interest and I can tick a box to include them in my calendar.
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Time and Date custom menu. Section 3, use format Row. Section 6, holidays, select holidays, custom, tick boxes as needed. Save or print.
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In my Google calendar, I added their "holidays" calendar which has Christian, Jewish, and Muslim holidays. (It has both major and minor, things most families would mark of they're somewhat observant.)
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