Help a friend out: Topeka, KS edition
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Friend moving to Topeka for some time, I'm looking for recommendations. Details inside.

A good friend will be living in Topeka for an extended time for family reasons. What cool stuff can I point her to? I found the Jan 2018 thread here, where people mostly point at Lawrence. That’s worth passing along since Lawrence isn’t too far off, but I’d like to be able to tell her about more things close to home if I can. Interest: art, music (music classes maybe?), independent bookstores, nerd stuff?? She’s super smart and has wide ranging interests. Extra bonus points for an art supply place that isn’t a national chain (e.g. not Michael’s) or a nerdy (space? math??) shop that I could get her a gift card for. If you have Lawrence recommendations that weren’t previously mentioned that would be ok too.

Some browsing has turned up: “Arts & Craftsman Workshop,” looks brand new, I’d love to hear about it.
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Not to bum her out, but... just escape to Lawrence or Kansas City. Wonder Fair is the place for art supplies in Lawrence. Alchemy, Decade, Henry's & Bourgeois Pig for coffee. The Raven and The Dusty Bookshelf for good reads.
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Topeka is not as bad as many would have you believe. The NOTO Arts District has a lot of interesting stuff going on. I recommend checking it out on First Fridays.

Arts and Craftsman Workshop is a makerspace that just opened up. It grew out of 712 Innovations. I think it is about $75/month for a membership.
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NOTO is a lot of fun. I also really like the old school arcade at The Pennant on Kansas Avenue. PT's Coffee in College Hill is really good, especially their John Brown House blend. Other than that, Lawrence is the way to go and if you have an hour to spare for the drive, KCMO.
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