Existing raised bed next to walkway
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I have a gravel walkway that will be replaced with concrete. However, the walkway is next to a slightly raised bed (~5") held back by a jumble of moss-covered stacked bricks and concrete blocks (see photos) How would you suggest handling the raised bed with the new concrete walkway? Replace bricks with new ones? Mortar them? Or ...? All suggestions welcome.
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You'll kinda need to make room for the forms for the concrete anyway. I'd take the border apart and stack the various pieces out of the way. Then once the concrete has cured a bit and the forms are removed, I'd dig down 2" next to the sidewalk and then dry stack the border back.
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The bricks could be made into an attractive edging, if arranged in a regular and interesting fashion. For example like this. But I would lose the concrete blocks. The bricks looks fine, and bricks like that should be available at building supply centers, so get more if you need them.
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I'd install 4x6 landscape timbers (ground contact cured), double-stacked (8" high). It's a clean, modern look adjacent to new concrete.
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My experience with landscape timbers suggests don't have the lifetime of brick. If you want it to last indefinitely I would think masonry or stone. For me, the biggest problem with rotted landscape timbers is not replacing them, it's getting rid of them. We have gotten between five and ten years out of them in contact with soil on two surfaces. Maybe I got the wrong kind...
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