What's the best abortion rights charity to donate to?
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In the past I've donated to Planned Parenthood. But I'm wondering, in light of the appalling decision in Alabama, if maybe NOW or NARAL , or some other charity would be better.
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I gave a lot of money last year to the National Network of Abortion Funds. They donate to many different abortion funds around the country.
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Your local abortion fund or clinic -- or your non-local abortion fund or clinic -- is a great choice. Often, there are organizations on the ground that have been organizing throughout this process. Here's a decent list. I am familiar with ARC and love their local GA work.
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I answered a similar question on the blue a few weeks ago, so I'm going to just C&P that answer (original comment). I'd probably go with 'your local abortion fund' right now:

I mean, they're all good.

Planned Parenthood provides all sorts of sexual health care to those who do and don't have vaginas - including birth control, STD screenings, regular pap smears, prenatal exams, and abortions. They've been hit hard by the loss of Title X funding but also are probably the one that people are most likely to donate to.

There are other abortion clinics that aren't affiliated with Planned Parenthood out there, and may be one near you (Whole Woman's Health is another set of clinics with a mutli-state presence). They'll oftentimes get less direct funding than Planned Parenthood - though PP tends to share their funding with other clinics in the area. If you're giving directly to another abortion clinic, just be careful and make sure that they're actually an abortion clinic and not a crisis pregnancy center.

NARAL are the lobbying arm for this fight, working against anti-abortion measures on the legislative side of things. As you can imagine, they need help.

Abortion Funds are places that provide grants for people who want an abortion but don't have the resources for one (as a note, most abortion funds will also pay for all prenatal medical care if that's the mother's choice). They'll do things like also cover the cost of the abortion along with travel and hotel rooms - as abortion gets restricted in more and more areas, people will have to travel further and further afield and it becomes more and more cost prohibitive. Check out the national network of abortion funds for a list (or google 'PLACENAME abortion fund' and vet whatever turns up)

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In case you didn't know, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. (PPFA), sometimes simply called Planned Parenthood, is the organization that provides health care. Planned Parenthood Action Fund (PPAF) is PP's political advocacy arm. So if you wish to directly support their work to ensure legal access to reproductive health care, including abortion, you may wish to donate to PPAF instead of (or in addition to) PPFA.
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If you're specifically wanting to donate to help people in Alabama have access to abortions, the one that I see people promoting on Twitter is Yellow Hammer Fund.
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Yellow Hammer. They are part of the NNAF and provide direct assistance in Alabama. Thanks for this!
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https://www.abortioncarenetwork.org/donation/ supports the only abortion clinic in Charlotte, NC (which is routinely picketed and protested), they're doing amazing work and could really use help.
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Thirding Yellow Hammer. They're good people.
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Thanks everyone. I donted to Yellowhammer and NNAF
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In case someone comes back in here to look, I wanted to add that if you donate to a PAC or 501c4 - they can have political implications, including lobbying directly on bills and politicians. You don't get a tax deduction, but - which is more important to you. Planned parenthood has a c4, and so do others.
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From the NYT Editorial Board:
The states with these new laws each have a community of reproductive-rights advocates who’ve seen the writing on the wall and have been preparing for the worst. Among them are the Kentucky Health Justice Network; Access Reproductive Care-Southeast, which works in states including Mississippi and Alabama; the Yellowhammer Fund in Alabama; NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio; and Women Have Options, also in Ohio. The web companion to “Handbook for a Post-Roe America,” the timely new book by Robin Marty, contains up-to-date information about groups working in all parts of the country.
There is also the ACLU of Georgia, the ACLU of Alabama, and the ACLU of Ohio, and the national ACLU, which are all fighting the relentless attacks on reproductive freedom.
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In case anyone else refers to this question, Jezabel has a good up to date list.
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I made my own version of this list last night. At the national level, Planned Parenthood, ACLU Foundation, and NARAL, and National Network of Abortion Funds. I followed The Cut's suggestions for local organizations. Steph Herold's tweetstorm is a very comprehensive list state by state.

One nice thing is most healthcare services and reproductive rights organizations are non-profits. Tax deductible donations, plus if you work your employer might match donations. Here are the tax ID numbers (EINs) for several of these groups; helps when looking them up.

Planned Parenthood: 13-1644147
ACLU: 13-6213516
NARAL: 52-1100361
NNAF: 04-3236982
Yellowhammer: 82-1822204
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Although Women Have Options Ohio is fantastic, you can also give to the Agnes Reynolds Jackson Fund that primarily supports women coming to the independent Capital Care Clinic in Toledo, Ohio. Many women come to this clinic from Indiana and other parts of Ohio.
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