Trying to ID this chair...or just narrow down to a decade?
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I picked up these two club chairs at a "friend of friends" house sale for a Chicago investment banker moving to the West Coast. The house was full of really lovely furniture (Saarinen Oval Dining Table, some Baker cafe chairs, some vintage Knoll, etc.) These chairs were fun and incredibly comfortable and relatively cheap because they have no label.

All I know about them is that they were recovered once years ago, the legs are ebonized, the slings under the seat cushions are thin black metal. That's it. Ah! And they were used in a Playboy photo shoot at one point when a photographer used this house as the set.

They could be totally 80's chairs or 50's chairs or who knows? I'm not going to resell them, we're going to keep them. But if anyone recognizes them or has a clue about them? I'm so curious about them.
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And...damn. I forgot the link. Here it is.
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It looks like the fabric on the bottom is stapled on. Could you remove this temporarily and see if there is a label or brand inside the frame?
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Tub or Barrel chairs, if that helps. Without an approximate date, it’s hard to get further.
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West Elm has a look-alike here: Oliver Chair. Might give you a starting point for a web search.
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If you can get the Taobao image search working (follow directions in English online) you might be able to find a copy which will tell you more.
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The most similar chairs I see are lounge chairs by Otto Schulz. Mid century.
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