Help me write the perfect "Thank You" Note
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I paid to win an auction for charity and got some wonderful perks as a result. What can I write in the "Thank You" card I'm sending? (More details under the fold)

I recently won a charity auction where I was given a tour of a very prestigious, world famous entertainment business.

I work in an industry adjacent to that company. Having good relationships with people in that company is great for me and my work. Through that relationship I was already acquainted with our tour guide but I got to really talk to him in detail. He gave me some real "inside baseball" on his business.

Then, when it was over, he sent me a "care package" with over $1,000 of merchandise inside.

I was so stymied I didn't immediately send a thank you e-mail...and so he had to e-mail me to make sure I got it. Now I feel like a dunce.

I want to send a physical thank you card. What can I write in it that isn't too cheesy? The goal is to say "Thank You", and hopefully continue to forge a professional relationship that can stay in contact in the future.
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I'm very southern in some ways. I write lots of notes. The good news here is that so few people send physical notes that you're going to score points almost regardless of the content.

Just spitballing, but I'd probably do something like

Dear $guide,

I'm just mortified that I neglected to acknowledge your care package more promptly; please accept my apologies! Obviously, I received it, and I'm stunned by your generosity. The tour alone was beyond my expectations when I bid at $event; to receive this as a followup is just wonderful. Thank you.

I had a really great time on the tour, and definitely enjoyed our conversation. Let's stay in touch.

Thanks again,


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You say "stymied," but my sense is that you were actually blown away by your guide's generosity. You feel like a "dunce," but that's only because you can't believe what an awesome experience this was, yes? Viewed that way, it's only natural that you'd struggle to write the "perfect" thank you note for your amazing tour, and I suspect your guide understands that. Short, sweet, and sincere, with just a wee touch of floweriness, strikes me as the way to go. How about something like this?

Dear Tour Guide,

Your tour exceeded my expectations in every way! I really enjoyed getting to know you better and learning more about Prestigious Business. Thank you very much for your time, and also for following up with such a thoughtful and generous package of widgets/swag/merchandise. (If possible, insert an example of how you're using the widgets/swag/merchandise, hopefully in a professional sense, e.g., using the swag to explain to one of your coworkers just what Prestigious Business does or makes.) I'd love to return the favor sometime soon and I'll look forward to reaching out to you for breakfast/coffee/lunch/dinner/a tour of my business. Thanks again for a terrific experience.

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Thank you both! An amalgam of the two is exactly what I wanted to express. Thanks again!
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If you would recommend them to others, definitely mention that, it’s a fantastic way to say thank you.
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