How do I prepare octopus?
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I went to Costco hungry and accidentally came home with 500g of cooked octopus. Um: what now?

I've never made octopus. I have no idea how to prepare it. And I'm not an AWESOME cook. But there is a rather large quantity of octopus now winking at me from inside my fridge. It's already cooked, which seems to limit my options - can I just throw it on the grill and give it a decent sear? What's my best course of action?
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How is it cooked? Is it seasoned, and if so, how?
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Something like octopus salad is probably your best bet, but it does depend on how it's been prepared/preseasoned.
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Sad that it’s already cooked. Grilled octopus is yummers. Are you sure it’s been cooked, and not just marinated?
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Maybe you could cut into slices and season with olive oil salt and paprika in the style of polbo a feira (look up recipes) served with crusty bread and wine?
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I bought the same package of octopus, and prepared about half of it as a cold salad using this recipe. The rest of it I cut into large flat chunks and briefly pan fried with some salt and pepper.
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Literally no indication of how it was cooked - just says "Cooked Octopus" (same in Spanish, so no clues there). Total ingredients list: cooked octopus, salt, rice starch, milk protein, sodium ascorbate. By the looks of it I'd guess boiled - it looks pretty homogenous (no grill marks or whatever) and it's still pretty squishy. idea. Could I grill it, like, a little bit?
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bradf: That looks lovely. Something like that or maybe I could marinate it a little and do a half-assed ceviche?

On second glance: praemunire's got the right idea too, I think.
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be careful about a ceviche or citrus heavy salad preparation: if it's already cooked to a certain point, the additional coagulation of proteins from a long acid bath will quickly take it from cooked to inedibly chewy. keep time in acid to <5min before eating if it's already cooked
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I would totally make some takoyaki. It requires a specific pan, which could also be reused for making jelly-filled pancakes (ebelskivers).
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In Greece, my mother in law makes delicious Octopus in Macaroni every spring. Here’s an example recipe, but the basic concept is short pasta with a savoury tomato sauce (not sweet like American jarred sauce) with a pinch of allspice. This recipe is starting from fresh whole octopus but I’m sure you could skip some steps for cooked.

Otherwise it’s very good sliced in vinegar as others have said!
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Yeah, I'd pan-fry in a bit of olive oil to reheat, then toss it in a couple of teaspoons of smoked paprika and salt to do a polbo a feira style deal with it. It's a bit much for one (or even two) people though - maybe get some friends round, get them to bring something too, make a tapas pot-luck evening of it.
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You can grill it or brown it. Use a super hot grill/broiler and it'll be great. Doesn't take very long.

If you want to do the pulpo a la gallega/other room temp prep thing I'd dip it in boiling water for a moment just to reheat.

I buy this product pretty regularly - or something like it.
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Hey, nothing to be ashamed of. You go to Costco and come back with half a kilo of Octopus. It's happened to all of us at one time or another.

Have you considered trying Takoyaki? Like homodachi says, you'll need a special pan, but they're actually not that hard to find.
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I poach my octopus before grilling you can totally grill. Chimichurri would be a great sauce for it.
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I own an aebleskiver pan.
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Go for takoyaki then, it is pretty easy to make and tastes really good, although a lot of that is because you're putting on a ton of okonomiyaki sauce and Japanese mayo on it.
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I like octopus cold salad - a bit of wine vinegar in olive oil, finely diced celery, pinch of generic Italian seasoning (marjoram, thyme,rosemary, savoury, sage, oregano, basil), some boiled and thinly sliced carrots and garlic, salt and pepper. Cook the celery and garlic in the oil and stir in the spices so they're soft.
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