Please help me find a jacket I THOUGHT I already ordered!!!
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I THOUGHT I ordered this jacket in a size 12. I failed to finish up the transaction and just realized it now. I have a wedding that I was planning to wear it for in just a few weeks. And I am failing at finding it. I feel like if it's out there, you guys will be able to tell me where to look. HELP! Link
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If you call your local Nordstrom Rack it is entirely possible that they can try to find it in their system and get it shipped from another Nordstrom Rack in a different city.
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Shopping trackers like ShopItToMe and ModeSens seem to indicate it was a spring 2018 item and that it was carried by Nordstroms, Saks and Lord & Taylor but is not generally available anymore. Unfortunately you just missed Lafayette 148's annual warehouse sale (it was this weekend), which probably would have been your best shot at an item that isn't in their current collection.

Lafayette 148's website indicates that they do personal shopping and some limited customization which indicates a pretty high level of service. It's worth reaching out to their customer service people directly to find out if they can source this item for you.
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I find that this brand runs a bit big. May be Worth trying the 10 and seeing what happens?
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Yeah, I’d order the size 10 and hope for the best. You can always return it if it doesn’t fit.
As a back up, this jacket from Layfayette 148 is not the same, but similar in style and comes in a size 12 if you’d like a different option.
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Okay, so now Nordstrom Rack annoyingly has one size 14 jacket left on the site. If you feel like getting it you can always get it tailored to fit. Hedging all bets, right?
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