Google Earth – How do I change styles of imported KML polygons?
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I've downloaded some KML polygons of municipal boundaries but the thin red lines are impossible to see in Google Earth, how do I change their color, line weight and fill color?

Google Earth Pro
Mac OSX El Capitan 10.11.6
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If you select a KML polygon in the menu on the left, you should be able to bring up a context menu with Properties... as the last item. (On my PC, it's a right click; sorry. It's also available on the top menu under Edit.) The second tab of the properties menu is Style, Color which has options for line colour and weight, as well as fill colour and opacity. If you do this to a folder, you can change all the KML polygons in the folder simultaneously. This includes an option for "random" fill, if you want them different colours but don't care exactly what.
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Ah, found it! Weirdly, for me it doesn't show up as Properties, but as Get Info.
But it works! Thanks!
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