Where can I do a Canadian People search?
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I've only found canada 411 which doesn't have the info I'm looking for.

I just want basic info on family members like dates of birth. The regions are Ottowa and Regina. I've only been to canada once and I don't really know my way around it. I'm looking for a cheap people finder site that is good for Canada since the ones here only tend to deal with the 50 states of the US.
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Canada has some of the strictest personal privacy laws in the world. I would be surprised if this information was available online. Indeed, I resent the fact that my address, linked to my name, still sometimes appears online thanks to a landline I had in the 2000's.

The Privacy Commissioner has more information about Canada's privacy rights.
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My experience is that there really aren't any. Canada generally has tighter privacy laws than the US, as well as much less government data available online which limits what information is available for building that kind of search off. It's also a smaller market, so the economics aren't good.

Spokeo will return Canadian results if you search by very specific criteria like email address, but not for general name searches.
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We have census records available through Library and Archives Canada, but those are currently only public up to 1926. It sounds like you’re looking for people born more recently?
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As a Canadian, my gut feel is that this information better not be easily accessible! If these are relatives from previous generations, you may have luck with sites like Ancestry.com. To get a random living person's DOB though, you are probably out of luck.
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