NYC Filter: Where can I buy strap-type craft supplies?
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I am trying to make some carrying straps and I am looking to explore a range of material options in person in NYC. I'm looking for like... seat belt kind of stuff but thinner, shoestring-like material, and like... fabric in thin strips? Also maybe stuff like buckles and clips and whatnot... I am not so much looking for ribbon. Any stores come to mind?
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You are looking for "notions"; and M&J trimmings is a good place to start. in it's direct neighborhood there's a bunch of shops that sell "notions", but M&J is kind of the most user friendly/non sewing person friendly. They should also be able to point you in the right direction if they don't have what you actually need.
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Seconding M&J!
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Here's a list of places that will give you plenty of ideas. I like Daytona Trimmings and Pacific Trimmings, but they're all worth exploring. Have fun!
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Seatbelt stuff is nylon webbing; you may want to look at the suppliers listed at reddit on /r/myog - it means “make your own gear”, meaning camping equipment. has lots of hardware as well (it's for folks who make things out of leather).
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Warning: you will go into Pacific Trimmings and never come out.

Mood Fabrics also has some supplies. And they have plenty of choices for non-clothing fabric; their staff is very good at pointing you towards where you want to be ("the medium-heavy canvas fabric is over here...")

Also 2nding Buckle Guy.
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Yep, nylon webbing and polyester webbing are using for camping gear, so places who cater to those makers or users or repair-ers should have some for you to try.

Climbers will use expensive versions so you can look as samples at, say, REI. Hammock campers also use it (like, we prefer polyester because it doesn't stretch), so camping stores might sell sets of straps for hanging up your hammock.

If you know any electricians, or nerds who have telecommunications people among their friends, ask around for mule tape. They use it by the damn mile for pulling cable through conduits, and often have partial spools layign around.
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