Is volunteering tax-deductible?
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[Tax Filter] Can you deduct anything related to doing volunteer work? For example, can you deduct gas money while driving for volunteer work or can you deduct the cost of an international aid trip that you go on? Does anything like that count?
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Had you googled the question "Is volunteering tax-deductible," you would have found that the answer is yes. Happy deducting!
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You don't mention where you live, which is obviously going to have an impact on how your taxes are calculated...
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Until a CPA or tax lawyer shows up. . .

As a volunteer firefighter I am able to deduct the mileage I put on my personal vehicle while responding to and from calls and training.

An accountant advised me to maintain a log in a composition book that shows the date/time/miles driven for each call and training session.

This link from the IRS indicates that there is a deduction for use of a personal vehicle in "service of charitable organizations". You should seek advice from a professional about whether your volunteer work qualifies.
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Actually, you can ask the people you volunteer for whether they're a qualified charity. They're almost sure to know.

If they don't, just ask, "Are donations here tax-deductible?" They're sure to know that. If a gift of money or goods is deductible, then so is your "gift" of gasoline.
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The out of pocket expenses associated with your volunteering are tax deductible. The contribution of your services are generally not tax deductible.
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IIRC, you can only deduct gas mileage to the location where you are doing vounteer work, not both ways.
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