Any podcasts focused on more obscure events in history?
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It seems like (understandably) there are many podcasts about, say, World War II or about the British Monarchy, but is there anywhere I can turn in the podcast world if I want to learn more about Hungarian civil wars or Angolan consitutional crises?

Particularly if that's sort of the point of the podcast - uncovering an unknown event in each episode or block of episodes, rather than a single-topic podcast about one obscure event.

Or blogs.
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Stuff You Missed In History covers a mix of better known and fairly obscure events. The podcast had been going for ~10 years, so there's also quite the backlog of old episodes.
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Meant to add that each episode is on a different topic, with occasional 2 or 3 parters.
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Extra Credit produces 'Extra History' on a wide variety of events. It's a YouTube channel but its basically a podcast with animation. I often put this channel on while driving so I can say for sure you can follow along without the visual component.
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The Siècle expects to cover the 100 years from 1814 to 1914 in France, so it's effectively covering a lesser-known event in each episode, though they're all related.
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Also Youtube, but History Guy: History that Deserves to be Remembered are short (10 - 15 minute) episodes of forgotten history.
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In Our Time is not an exclusively historical podcast but there is a feed with just the history episodes.
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Bad Gays is a little too academic for me, but it's interesting and you might like it.
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One From The Vault is a great podcast about mostly-lesser-known figures in trans history.
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History on Fire. He’s all over the place on topics, including a recent one on fifteenth century Japan. He is moving to Luminary though.
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If you want more person-focused, story driven podcasts examining minor historical events, try Futility Closet or the memory palace. I’m not sure if they are quite what you’re seeking, but they are both good podcasts. Futility Closet is a blog as well.
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I came here to mention the memory palace too.
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Omnibus! Fits these criteria well. It’s pretty funny to me, but it also informs about weird stuff from the far and near past.
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The Dollop is a funny podcast about often horrifying events in American history. According to this page, it is or was Australia's Seventh Most Popular Podcast!
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Engines of Our Ingenuity, history of engineering, science, technology.
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I would also add the 15 Minute History to the list above...
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Seconding Futility Closet! I'm always learning about something I would've never heard of otherwise, like Smoky the War Dog, The Shark Papers, and The Halifax Explosion. Also a great podcast to fall asleep to, imo.
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In Our Time is fantastic, but I think the BBC's Witness might be even closer to what you're looking for.

Also, A History of the World in 100 Objects.
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