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What free courses (on cousera or elsewhere) are project based such that at the end of the course I have a finished/working Whatever-thing?

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I love the classes in Coursera etc that are project based, when I've finished the class I have a working coding project or whatever, and then I move on to something new.

I had no idea that existed and upon reading it knew immediately it was something I wanted. Where are these, how do I find them, can you recommend any in particular?

Does not have to be cousera of course, can be any other online ed site, or a YouTube series, or whatever.
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Coursera has some courses they designate as project-centered, although mostly business related. They also have a number of courses that are designated capstone, which are final projects for specialization course sequences. Some won't let you enroll unless you've done all the specialization classes, but some do, I'm not sure how to tell the difference without just trying to enroll and seeing if it will let you.
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I was recently eyeing this Skillshare course on oil painting that leads to a self-portrait at the end.
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You could look for things like quilt alongs, or sewing blogs that make up a pattern over 4 or 5 days. Probably there are online workshops for other types of projects, It's just that I'm into sewing. Blueprint has cake decorating, jewelry making, woodworking etc.
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I loved this Coursera course on designing artifacts.

The course doesn’t tell you what to build. You develop the idea and work all the way through to a prototype.

I did it a few years ago and came up with a sit/stand desk prototype that I wish I commercially developed.
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