Can I upload songs to Google Play Music directly from cloud?
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Can I upload directly there from OneDrive, or do the files need to be local to my PC? Files are music.
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You cannot transfer files directly from OneDrive to Google Play Music. The only two methods for getting your tracks into Google Play Music are either the Google Play Music Manager app or Google Play Music for Chrome -- both of which upload only from your local drive.

There are several services that will migrate files from one cloud storage service to another without having to first download them to your local drive, so you could transfer all your music from OneDrive to Google Drive and use an app to play songs directly from Google Drive. This is NOT the same thing as Google Play Music, however, and it looks like using Google Drive as a music player is rather clunky.

Naturally, your next question would be, "Well surely Google must offer a way to integrate files from Google Drive into Google Play Music, right?" The answer to that, as far as I'm aware, is no.
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Much thanks for your very clear and thorough answer, really.
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