recommend youtube math channels for 9 year olds
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My kid (9 1/2) loves watching youtube videos about math problems, but the ones that arrive by algorithmic suggestion have subpar content with a robo voice that never goes over the answers. He is more confused than engaged, but loves math enough to keep clicking on the suggestions. Do parents with more youtube experience have any suggestions? We're not looking for super advanced or complicated problems. Challenging or tricky arithmetic stuff that exploits the order of operations (or whatever it's called) is what he seems to like.
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I highly recommend Math Antics. The videos are very engaging, with clear explanations, and in my experience kids really enjoy them and feel empowered to use the strategies he models. The videos are free, but I believe you can also buy access to worksheets and problem sets.
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Check out Vi Hart. Not math problems but fun and accessible dives into random math topics.
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There's 3Blue1Brown and Numberphile which both have some interesting content. They're not particularly aimed at kids though so you may have to curate which videos would be appropriate for him.
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Pradeep Kumar has some arithmetic shortcut videos that I would have eaten up at that age.
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I was coming in to also recommend Vi Hart, super quality and engaging.
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Came here to recommend Numberphile. Not exactly what you’re asking for but still something I feel a math-enthusiast at any age would like!!
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Not Youtube, but Khan Academy has really nice video quality and he could easily find the topics he prefers.
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Matt Parker is smart and entertaining, and appears over on Numberphile fairly regularly as well.

Mathologer is probably something he might enjoy as well.

The Crash Course Statistics course is by design a broad overview rather than a focus on specific problems, but is presented entertainingly enough that it might work.
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Thanks everyone! Great options. Next challenge: convincing kid to take suggestions from me...
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