filodendron???? but better?????
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I love the Ikea Filodendron duvet set, but it feels freakin scratchy as hell. What duvet cover has a similar color palette and pattern?

It's sooooo pretty but after giving it a feel in store the other day I can't bring myself to buy it because it's kinda scratchy. What else is lush and rich and beautiful and also soft? Alternatively: is there a way to soften it up SUBSTANTIALLY? thanks yall
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I spotted that too and loved the pattern! Can't speak to similar products but I did recently come across an article on how to get that "vintage-soft" feel to t-shirts, and it involved several rounds of soaking the item in hot water and/or a salt-vinegar solution (??) Might be worth investigating if you can't find something else you like.
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As soon as I hit post I remembered that Urban Outfitters often has those kind of lush botanical prints for bedding, so check them out as the quality may be a little better (no guarantees there). Here are a couple of examples (1,2) but there are definitely others.
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I can't vouch for the quality but Society6 has some potential options, and many many more on their site.
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I have an IKEA duvet cover that felt a bit scratchy in the store, but the first few times it went through the wash it came out softer and softer.
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Nthing that Ikea duvet covers will soften up quite a bit with a few washings.
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Yeah, I have there IKEA duvets (I also have pets.) I wash them in hot water with fabric softener and those spikey rubber balls in the dryer. They come out soft.
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Conversely, I tried all the softening tricks on an IKEA duvet cover and nothing improved it enough that the texture didn't bother me. It was better, I'll admit that, but if you're particular about textures in bed then I wouldn't buy it. I ended up giving my moderately-softened one away and went back to the old worn-out one that sometimes feels like it's going to tear in my hands but is buttery-smooth.
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This Etsy seller has some related patterns, like this and this- if you like the patterns, you could ask her about the softness. Pottery Barn also has some botanical duvets (this one is on sale today).
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With most home textiles, you have to wash them before use.
I have some IKEA textiles, and I'm actually very happy with them, because they are exceptionately durable. They are a bit rougher and heavier than most home textiles, and that means they keep longer and are thus more sustainable. If you love the design, I'd say buy it, give it a few times through the laundry before use, and then enjoy how it gets softer over time and lasts forever.
(I have high thread count Egyptian cotton stuff as well, and I love that too. It's two different experiences).
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I have this exact duvet! I initially bought a geometric duvet cover for my new bed, but fell in love with this print and bought it as a "backup". Of course, given how laundry works, it lives up on my bed 50% of the time.

I've had both covers for about 6 months now, and the IKEA one is much softer than when I bought it. I didn't do anything special, just laundered it as usual. It's still a little stiffer than the other cover, but not that I notice when I'm in bed.
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