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I bought a bench, the type you keep in the hallway to sit on while you change your shoes, with siderails and the storage cabinet under the seat. I ordered a cushion for it but it is too short at 27 inches. It looks like I need between 31 and 32 inches, depending on the product. The thing is all the cushions I can find (using " 32 inch piano bench cushion" as a search term, and variations thereof) cost over $100 or more and are ugly too! Where can I go, preferably online only, to order a cushion that will not seem ridiculously priced for what I getting?

This is the one I ordered. I actually like it a lot, it is just too short.

Things I do not want: foam interiors, suede fabrics, whacky prints.

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Have you looked at Wayfair? "Patio bench cushions" would be a start. You can filter for the dimensions you need. Or consider two cushions in a pinch.
posted by TWinbrook8 at 3:55 PM on May 10

Brylane Homes. They have a great selection of outdoor cushions in fabulous prints.
posted by annieb at 5:46 PM on May 10

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