Tool or approach for sharing and displaying event staffing
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I'm helping to manage an event with a few hundred attendees and around 20 staff members who will be supporting the event in different capacities (greeting attendees at event check-in, managing audio/video equipment, setting up/tearing down equipment, etc.). Is there an elegant, easy way to display and share all of these staffing assignments?

We have a draft schedule listing all of the roles for the staff members and assigning them to different roles at different times. It's a messy spreadsheet so it's not very user friendly for all of the staff especially since they're probably only interested in their particular assignments. Bonus points if (a) there is a free tool that can do this and (b) the same tool or approach can be used both display individual staffing assignments and give us a larger, overall picture of all of the assignments.
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Best answer: There are hundreds of employee scheduling apps. That approach will work for you. You create the roles you need your volunteers to fill, assign volunteers to their role or roles, and schedule them within whatever parameters you've set for the person or the role. We were very very happy with Sling and highly recommend it.

Each volunteer downloads the free app and can see their roster (or decline shifts or request swaps with others!). It really isn't different scheduling volunteers for an event than it is scheduling employees for several days of shifts. (Having discovered it for workplace shifts, I will 100% use it for my next volunteer event!)
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I use Signup Genius for this.
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Event manager here. I use for this. It’s been great but it is very expensive. Worth it if your Organisation will pay for it though.
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