elizabethan songs? i doubt they had "Half Dollar" back then.
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[reallyoldsong filter] I'm looking for songs from the Elizabethan period - both lyrics and renditions.

My younger brother was told to make a presentation on the Elizabethan period, and he's almost done. He's having a problem with the last leg of the assignment. He has to find a ballad or lullaby from that era. Not only that, he has to present lyrics AND an audio file of a rendition of that song for the presentation.

We've found a few sites like this one, so finding lyrics isn't the problem. The problem is finding the audio examples.

Does anyone know any sites offhand that would help?
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LayMusic.org has a bunch--look for the ones composed by John Dowland, in particular. There are Midi files, at any rate.
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iTunes. Just search for "Elizabethan".
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I think that what you're looking for are madrigals. Also try searching iTunes for madrigals.
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The Deller Consort has a bunch of Elizabethan tunes on various CDs. Much of The Baltimore Consort's repertoire is Elizabethan. The Cambridge Singers did a release of Olde English Madrigals, as did The Kings' Singers. Some tracks may be available for download at Amazon or elsewhere.

For free-ish stuff, eMusic has The Three Ravens; a John Dowland album; a Treasury of Medieval Music of which some is earlier, but there's a reasonable selection of Elizabethan stuff on it. (NAYY. eMusic is cheap if you want to join, but you get 25 free downloads for signing up. no spam, afaict. )
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"Shakespeare's Songbook" is really cool, and it comes with a CD!
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Elizabethan Music mp3 and listening available.
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Emusic has (or had), the following albums:
1588: Music from the Time of the Spanish Armada
A Songbook For Isabella
A Treasury of Medieval Music
Bawdy Songs of D'Urfey
Fortune My Foe: Songs of John Dowland
Josquin Des Prez And Heinrich Isaac: Music Of The Renaissance
Music from the Time of Richard III
Pleasures and Follies of Love: Music of Hart, Johnson, Dowland, Purcell, Lanier, Blow, Anne Boleyn and more
Royal Composers
Stuart Age Music - Tunes From Troubled Times
The Triumphs Of Maximilian


Brightest Heaven of Invention: Flemish Polyphony of the High Renaissance, by Regis, Josquin des Prez, Brumel, Dufay and more, which is delighful, but has no lyrics.
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