Recovering Diary-X posts
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Is there any good way to try to recover a journal that was on Diary-X?

My girlfriend has several years of journal posts that were on Diary-X and lost all of them in the great Diary-X harddrive crash of ought-6. We've tried checking the wayback machine, but it only has 4 of her posts. Are there other ways to retrieve her posts off the internet (for example, a good way to hunt and peck google cache?)?
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Not sure if you'd already tried this, but the way to return a Google listing for all results in a given directory is with "site:" — so use a query with just "" or "" or whatever the format is.
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Going to reveals this- ouch. So sorry this happened.
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For some reason Google never liked Diary-X and cached very few of its pages. Looking for cached pages on MSN and Yahoo search is a much better bet. I typed in my D-X address into MSN (typing "" directly into the search engine), and found it had cached 44 of my journal entries. And Yahoo has several hundred of my entries, compared to zero from Google.

Some people in the DX community who've been discussing the crash have been using (I'm assuming that's the same as the Wayback Machine, though, so that probably doesn't help you).

I'm sorry for your girlfriend's loss.
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