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I graduated with an MSc in AI in the 2000s. Looking for an online course or book to get me up to speed on current algorithms and tools.

I'm now a senior manager in an analytics department so I'm not completely out of the loop, but my work is mostly focused on project management and strategy, so I'm at best familiar with high-level concepts for much of the newer stuff. I want get a better understanding of the technical details, both because I'm curious and because I might want to move back into a more technical role in the future. I've looked into some online courses, but haven't found anything that seems suitable - I don't need to learn about statistics and basic concepts and I've been programming in Python for 15+ years. I want to learn about CNNs and LSTM and keras and all the shiny new(-ish) things I haven't even heard of. I'm aware I could just start reading up on things in Wikipedia or Google Scholar, but I'm short on time and tend to get easily distracted, so ideally I would like to find something with a curriculum and practical exercises that I can work through.
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The deeplearning.ai sequence on Coursera is okay--the last two courses assume some baseline level of knowledge. You certainly don't need to bother with "Structuring Machine Learning Projects".

Stanford's CS321n has a thorough website with homeworks and lectures available on YouTube. I unfortunately don't know of an equivalent for sequence models.

I do like the Deep Learning Book, but I don't know of a course with website that uses it. It looks like they've added links to lectures slides for a number of chapters and videos for a handful.
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Pretty comprehensive bibliography at /r/MachineLearning.
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There's also fast.ai's deep learning course, which is very practice oriented.
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